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Planets And Spaceships

… on my cantina’s table


German Wave

I was a guest at the German TV – Deutsche Welle – German – Wave – „Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster. We convey a comprehensive image of Germany, report events and developments, incorporate German and other perspectives in a journalistically independent manner. By doing so we promote understanding between cultures and peoples. We simultaneously also provide access to the German language. DW stands for in-depth and reliable information in 30 languages, with TV in English, German, Spanish and Arabic.“

They have a late evening platform called „Guest Of The Day“ and it was ….. guess ….. me!!
We talked about super 8 and filmmaking and my personal mission and …. watch it! HERE!! It’s in German without subtitles, sorry, but images might speak to you!


Majestic Treetops

Aaah, I love the Open Air Film Festival Weiterstadt (in the South of Germany)! Watching films and drinking wine and talking to hundreds of people and eating yummy Wurst or yummier Veggie Falafel … all of this under high beautiful sweet mediterranean smelling pine trees.
I lay down my Illy coffee pinhole camera, point the hole direction sky and capture the majestic treetops.


Komm Bei Uns

Die geilste (!) Werbung!
Gesehen heute in der Berliner Ubahn.
How can I translate it for my English speaking friends? It’s an ad for a sperm bank. Called www.come-with-us. Heehee. The logo of the Berlin landmark, the Brandenburger Tor … 6 sperms panting for an egg. Genius. I love it. Good luck and healthy children!


Hot Teddy

Ooooh too hot today in Berlin … 36° … my fur is melting … buy me icecream pleeeeaazze!!!


Matcha Summer Drink

The best and most refreshing drink for hot summer times is matcha-oatmilk icecold!!
Put a spoonful of matcha powder in a little cold water, stir it, add oatmilk and some icecubes and … enjoy! Even the colour lowers your body temperature: minty!


Friend In My Darkroom #7

Miriam and Darius! And me … listening to thunder and waiting for raindrops, drinking ice cold wine and talking about art and sabbatical and time and death and space and joy and optimism and wabisabi and the necessity of making beautiful things and loving beautiful words …


Friends In My Darkroom #6

Helga Fanderl! I love her and her films a lot! Full of energy, colour, soul, nature, beauty, intelligence, wabisabi … and always in-camera-edited. Magical Mistress of super 8!
We shared ideas, words, rosé wine, quark with herbs, biology thoughts, the warm evening breeze and optimism!


Lovely Layers

… of a lake in Brandenburg … sky, forest, water, waterlilies, mini beach … I love it. Had a mini holiday there yesterday!


The Stork And The Moon


Ab Aufs Rentensofa


Friends In My Darkroom #5

Today: Marta who I met first 2 months ago at the Revela’T photo festival (she is a cool photographer from Poland & Berlin).
She visited me in my darkroom and we shared blueberries, champagne, stories, pictures, ideas and many words from many languages!


Somewhere Inside The Rainbow

The Regenbogen-Kino (Rainbow-Cinema) in Kreuzberg is one of the last completely independant self-run cinemas in Berlin with a history rooting in punky house squatting aera in the 80es. Small and totally lovely with big soft sofas and a hi-tech Beamer. And a 35 mm projector!

I had a show there last Saturday showing my „Ode an Juni / Ode to June“ films – 4 pieces, each about 20 minutes long, super 8 origin, one after the other with a little break between to refill our glasses with summer wine: local Brandenburg cherries with white wine and champagne. Thank you for sharing this evening with me! Next year again …


Bamboo Down Under

I placed my Illy coffee pinhole camera under the bamboo trees … a piece of negative film inside, sun shining from above filtered through the softly swaying leaves … and here is what came out!


More Solargraphy

3 more cameras hidden on tree, post and window of an abandoned house.
Now waiting 4 or more months until it’s time to harvest the pictures!


Hopping In The Garden II

For some reason I love this picture … People waiting for the next horse race … checking the quotas, the horses‘ history … whatever …


Hopping In The Garden

„Hoppegarten“, that’s the name of a quarter in Berlin which is famous for its horse racetrack. I spent a Sunday afternoon with 3 friends and a little kid there, picknicking on the lawn, watching beautiful shiny horses run like devils, betting on the horse with the most beautiful name and losing.
I somehow like this picture: after the sudden summer rain shower. Between two races. These people in red dresses with their sticks … I don’t really know what they’re doing there on the track, looks like they’re checking the grass … looking for shit or holes in the ground?


Coconut Chips From The German Jungle

Heimatgut, heehee … it means something like Home Goods … goods that come from my country … like these typical German coconut chips … anyway: yummy!



Solargraphy is a photographic art of capturing the sun’s path with a pinhole camera. And much time. A very long exposure …. weeks, months.

I did it (together with my friend Gesine): I used a small black film box, a tiny laser drilled hole, a piece of photo paper, some wire to fix it … and 10 months.

10 months is such a long time that the paper doesn’t need to be developed – it would become totally black – the negative images appears on the paper by itself because the altered chemical grains in the emulsion are going crazy with this long exposure time and start to „burn“ the paper!


Revela’T Analog Photo Festival

Revela’T is an international photographic festival (in Vilassar de Dalt, close to Barcelona) that has become a meeting point for lovers of photography and especially for those passionate about analog photography, who are becoming more and more and come from remote places.

In an era in which digital technology dominates, Revela’T advocates for these other photographic procedures that require a more relaxed look and tempo, as well as for sharing experiences, knowledge, and establishing contact and synergies with other people, institutions and projects.

Revela’T wants to bring together dreamers, non-conformists, the intrepid, the tireless, those who are not afraid to try and explore paths different from the usual ones.“

I was there! And gave a 2 days workshop all about the beauty and magic of super 8 film making and developing. In eco stuff: coffee, vitamin c and washing soda.
Pure fun and beautiful results!

(all pictures me except the last one by Enrique Freaza Viera)