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Drink, Little Bee, Drink!


A Visitor


Kiss Me!

(found in a stairwell in Oranienstrasse, Kreuzberg, Berlin)


The Fountain

The fountain of Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland) froze when I set up my Illy coffee pinhole camera and exposed a piece of film for 6 seconds.


May 1

Kreuzberg relaxed.
I set up my Illy pinhole camera, my friends and our yard bench.


Summer Films In Lonely Places

It’s one of these special nights … I have a film show … outside there’s something between rainy spring and weird summer … in the middle of the week, in the middle of Berlin.

BEGINE, women only bar and show venue. Me … and Kasia who organized it … and Anna, my old graphic arts friend from art school … and Kathrin who dropped in by coincidence, having just woke up and read in the Siegessäule, the queer online magazine of Berlin, about the show.

I loved it! An intimate campfire-ish gathering. That’s what I make films for.


20 Swims

Yes! I have it! The entrance card to 20 times happiness! Swimming in my favourite pool, the Prinzenbad! Get it now before May 1st for an exclusive price, later it will be 100 € I guess. Happy summer swimming!!


More Pink

It’s like walking on fluffy clouds!


Pink Waldemar

My atelier is in Kreuzberg, Adalbertstrasse. At the corner Waldemarstrasse there’s my favourite pre-summer phenomenon: the pinkest, fattest blossom miracle tree! Only for about a week. Everybody stops for a pink selfie, for a sniff, for a smile, for a chat. I love it!


16mm Hippie Dress

Every now and then I wear my hippie dress and film on 16 mm.


White Wine Makes Me Less Ivre

There’s a new analog festival in town: Analog Résistance! In the middle of the French speaking Switzerland! In Yverdon-les-Bains!

I went there, enjoyed and gave a workshop … and the funny thing is: I rediscovered my long buried French! I was a good speaker 1000 years ago (working as an au pair girl in Southern France, in Nice, when I was 19 …) but after all these year it had disappeared.

But all that disappears comes back in this or the next orbit of the magic spiral … and writing of spirals … I brought my Russian developer tank with me (plus some cameras) and me and the 8 participants rocked the house or rather: the cave in the theater/castle everything took place!

We developed in curcuma, Ovomaltine, Absinth, coffee, beer, pineapple juice …. we had such a fruity funky spicy filmy supertime!!! With amazing results!

„White wine makes me less ivre“ I said to Sébastien, explaing him why I prefer white to red wine (ivre = drunk) … and he understood „White wine makes me less evil“ … which is by the way also true.

The festival will come again. Next time probably not with the focus on super 8 … but hélas: there’s so much analog stuff in the world to explore … stay tuned!


Train Salad

A 9 hours train ride from Switzerland back to Berlin … I love it with a good book and not too crowded … I was lucky today, no delays and missed connecting trains!

Bought some train salad and I must say: it looked weird but tasted good. Fresh green leaves and beetroot with a good vinaigrette. And for the future, dear Deutsche Bundesbahn, think about avoiding plastic perhaps, be hip, try recyclable banana leaves or whatever forks and spoons and wraps!!

I also realized: they relaunched the layout of their „mobil“- magazine: more pages on better, rougher paper, a fresh layout, I really like it! Funky little initials and a bit more … modern. Good!


Colour Spots

Winter is almost over … life begins anew!


Super 8 Polyverse

Come! Thursday in Hamburg, Lichtmess Cinema, 8 pm.

I present 18 short super 8 films made by women worldwide.

Films by women who are my friends, whom I personally know – except for 2, which I know virtually thanks to an interstellar network – from Germany (Berlin, Hamburg), Switzerland, Great Britain and Mexico / Argentina.
The oldest one is from 1987, the newest one was finished only 1/2 years ago …

Super 8 is an extremely sexy material: It is warm-colored, has unbeatable gray and color shades that you achieve get digitally, it is partially mysteriously blurred, has a natural grain, is not 100% plannable and comes – if the filmmaker extends her antennas properly and throws herself fearlessly into the Wabisabi – close to the object, to the action, to the world.

Websites of some of the filmmakers:


….. wow ….. I love them 🙂


Neverending Winter

It snows and snows and snows … and the brave blackbird sings and sings and sings …



This winter does not end. It’s late March and still icecold. Snowing. Grey. Depressing.
I fall asleep with my head on the table.
Luckily I am in love with images, film, and pinhole camera boxes, so I grab the tired opportunity and capture my 15 minutes long sleep.




Subway Croissant

… properly disposed.


Incienso Canario

Artemisia thuscula, también llamada Artemisia canariensis, o comúnmente ajenjo de Canarias o incienso canario en España o mol en la isla de El Hierro, es una especie de arbusto endémico de las Islas Canarias.

These bushes just grow everywhere on La Palma and the smell is soft and sweet … I heard the taste is bitter, so I guess this plant contains a lot of phenols which means: a possible film developer!!

I collected a little sackfull of leaves, took them home with me, dried them and weeks later developed a PlusX super 8 film stripe in tea made from these leaves! The result is wonderful: sweet and soft black and grey tones!


Last Day Of Snow

Spring is finally breaking through …