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Ava‘s Socke

Little sweetness.


Friends In My Darkroom #7

Christoph, red friend for half of my life!
Always a Trichter on the head 😉



Just say Nein or No to Alexification.


Pizza Academy

Design Academy Berlin for drawing, photography, gaming and pizza sharing 😉


Don’t Look Now

Daphne du Maurier made me fall in love with Donald Sutherland.
One of the best films ever – Nicolas Roeg has just died ….
„Don’t look now“ … a film that I saw when I was in my teenage years that impressed me like hell … one of the best horror films ever … when the red caped dwarf turns around and reveils a spooky old face … aaaaah …. the second face … the blue eyed blind woman … the silent soft boatride through the canals of Venice … a film about premonition, time travel, a warning, an ending love … but more, it reminds me of one of my most loved novels by Daphne du Maurier: „Ein Tropfen Zeit“ in German, „The House on the Strand“ in English … if you ever get the chance to read it: do it! It is about a person travelling in time using a weird drug potion, making him go back into time, into addicting and most fascinating stories of murder, adultery, plague, betrayal in the 14th century … but only in his mind, not in his body … that’s why he finally mixes the two worlds more and more … walking on a train trail that is not real in his 14th century meadows …

There is scarcely a book in the world that dragged me more into a fantastic bubble like this one. Even Daphne says: „I got so hooked on the story I actually woke up one day with nausea and dizziness“.

This is Daphne du Maurier:


Kicherlotto / Chickpea Lotto

Making an installation for a new film called „Kicherlotto / Chickpea Lotto“!!
The peas are numbered from 1 to 49 – the German lotto needs 6 numbers – and they will germinate and sprout in only a few days. As soon as I see a little sprout coming out I will note the number and play lotto with the first 6!!


Химия для orwo 9165

I got it! Original chemistry for old ORWO colour super 8 films! Also working well with Agfachrome films from the 70s. It will be a challenge. Pretty poisonous stuff …. don’t breath too much. Thank you, Adrian!!


Pizza And A Lovely Background

I love coincidental pictures like this: sister-brother-selfie at Casolare, my favourite Pizzeria. Click click and there are perfect background people arranged around a wine carafe. Cheers!


No Kelly No

I love this little sharing point in the house where I live … but it seems like nobody wants to have this CD heeeheee …


Ode An Juni #6

My new June film is ready! 22 long minutes, all super 8. A poem of summer, 30 days of my life.

Watch it here!!


Pinhole Camera On The Rocks 2

… and this is the picture!!


Pinhole Camera On The Rocks

This is how it looks like when I set up a pinhole camera on the rocks at the beach in the wind in the sun 😉

Clickclick watch a short movie!


Kreuzberg Heaven

Kreuzberger Himmel … it is a restaurant in Yorckstrasse 8 that opened in 2017 and is run by refugees, offering Syrians, Iranians, Pakistanis and Afghans — among others — an opportunity to gain their footing and learn how to cook and manage a restaurant, do an internship, integrate, survive … The driving force behind this idea is Be An Angel e.V., a charitable organization founded by journalist Andreas Tölke with the aim of connecting communities and sharing culture.

3 religions, 6 languages, 4 nations. The food is extremely yummy. It is possible! The property belongs to the catholic church. Who cares! The bottom line of all religions is caring for your neighbour. Should be. Misogyny and hatred is manmade. They give. They live. Connect and share. I raise my glass of red wine, Cuvée de Printemps, Lebanon, to all of you loving and helping people.


On The Beach, In The Sea

Oooooh that was cold, but I made it! I took a short, a very short bath.
September is ending, the summer season is over, dark clouds are coming, the light gets a golden tone.
I took some pinhole photos (you see the Illy coffee camera?) and hopefully captured the magic mood!




Planets And Spaceships

… on my cantina’s table


German Wave

I was a guest at the German TV – Deutsche Welle – German – Wave – „Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster. We convey a comprehensive image of Germany, report events and developments, incorporate German and other perspectives in a journalistically independent manner. By doing so we promote understanding between cultures and peoples. We simultaneously also provide access to the German language. DW stands for in-depth and reliable information in 30 languages, with TV in English, German, Spanish and Arabic.“

They have a late evening platform called „Guest Of The Day“ and it was ….. guess ….. me!!
We talked about super 8 and filmmaking and my personal mission and …. watch it! HERE!! It’s in German with English subtitles!


Majestic Treetops

Aaah, I love the Open Air Film Festival Weiterstadt (in the South of Germany)! Watching films and drinking wine and talking to hundreds of people and eating yummy Wurst or yummier Veggie Falafel … all of this under high beautiful sweet mediterranean smelling pine trees.
I lay down my Illy coffee pinhole camera, point the hole direction sky and capture the majestic treetops.


Komm Bei Uns

Die geilste (!) Werbung!
Gesehen heute in der Berliner Ubahn.
How can I translate it for my English speaking friends? It’s an ad for a sperm bank. Called www.come-with-us. Heehee. The logo of the Berlin landmark, the Brandenburger Tor … 6 sperms panting for an egg. Genius. I love it. Good luck and healthy children!


Hot Teddy

Ooooh too hot today in Berlin … 36° … my fur is melting … buy me icecream pleeeeaazze!!!