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Wow, this is the newest hipster shit! Instead of being absorbed by her phone she was reading a book on the street, while walking, this woman almost run into me. Or into the lamp post. A book. I mean: a book! Not a paperback – a real hardback! On the winter streets of Berlin. Analog style. Yeah!


30 Years Ago …

… cars were pretty much more angular!


First Selfie

30 years ago I invented the analog selfie!


A Nazi In My Subway Station

Good morning! There he sat on a bench in my subway station, a skinny pale young man with his phone on his bony lap, playing a loud song … I passed by and heard something like „lalala national social free laalaa“ in a boyscout guitar strumming way. A Nazi tune! Shit! In my subway which is usually occupied by junkies, young dealers and homeless people. Beautiful Schönleinstrasse.

A hipster passed by, smiled and took a photo of him. Or a little film clip. I did nothing.

Should I have stabbed a knife into his pale Aryan belly to prevent another wannabe young Hitler from growing old? Should I have said something? At least I should have spit in his motionless pimpeled face.
I was not well prepared.

They are coming out of their brown shitholes, they feel accepted and tolerated in this new Germany and Europe where Nazis enter legally the Bundestag / parliament and stretch their well connected net europewide.

I should have spit in his ugly face.


Cat Beams

Cats are magic beings who can absorb light and emit it again! Cats transform and radiate energy!



Pico Birigoyo is one of the main summits on La Palma’s Cumbre Vieja Range. On a clear and sunny day (we had it!) you can see almost everything … even the mighty Teide on Tenerife as well as La Gomera. We really felt like being above the clouds though it’s only 1807 m high.


La Palma Pinhole Photo

La Estrechura! The Canyon of Fear, El „Barranco de Las Angustias“!
I set up my Illy coffee pinhole camera and took a photo. See the pine twigs shaking! Exposure time about 5 minutes.


La Palma Xmas Deco

I love these simple but beautiful light decorations! Tried to capture them passing by with our car. Xmas symbols with a summer feeling, yeah!


431 Lightyears From Home

La Palma …. 1000 m above sea level and above the clouds … it’s still 431 more lightyears to fly to Polaris, a yellow supergiant star shining with the luminosity of 2500 suns, known as the Northern Star.


Black Sand

La Palma … January … hot black lava sand … a swim in the Atlantic!



Hey hey!!! Wishing you all a joyful healthy sunny new year!!!


Xmas 2017

Happy Holiday to all who can … Here is the sea, here is the beach, here am I with a 60 years old Bolex double 8 camera, I am happy to have access to film material still being produced in the Czech Republic (Foma!) and being sold for a low price in Berlin. I have warm boots and friendly people who surround me and wish me well. I am old and still sizzling. I know what love is. Can I do something to push the magic pendulum direction better and caring and soft and powerful intelligence and … fuck off, greedy lowbrain moneyeaters! We’re gonna erase you.

Photo: www.berndbrundert.de


3 Days 3 Nights Again

I set up my Illy coffee pinhole camera in my kitchen, a piece of photo paper inside, and let it peacefully expose. 3 days and 3 nights long. Capturing my wild untidy beloved kitchen!



3 Days 3 Nights

I set up my Illy coffee pinhole camera in my bedroom, a piece of photo paper inside, and let it peacefully expose. 3 days and 3 nights long. Capturing window, bed, curtain, books and my invisible sleep!


Friends In My Darkroom #4

Today: Helena, painter and writer! Welcome!


Double 8 Film Adventure

This camera is exactly 60 years old! It still works, it buzzes and purrs. We filmed land, soil, mud, me, puddles, reflections, double exposures, electricity poles … and a new film comes into my mind. Travelling through wormholes. Getting stuck in a universe. The film starts to live in my head, starting to evolve slowly. I love that!


Tea Bags Or Lamb Chops?


Into The Trees

(Subway station Hallesches Tor. It’s a photo 😉



Big big love: The Breeders!
Super concert in Berlin in Heimathafen Neukölln.

…. und dann noch ’nen Absacker im Wesereck!!


After The Storm Children Play

We had a tremendous storm some days ago, one of a kind we never experienced before to that extent …
And now I see fallen trees and wigs and branches everywhere … like this one in my neighbourhood … serving as a children’s playground.
I think it’s philosophical.