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unterwegs in Sachen Film >>> <<< on the road making films!



Funny … these days it seems that I find more and more weird things just lying there … does it have to do with the fact that I have set my antennas upright? That I have time? That I am off my daily job? My daily routine? I’m beginning to love it …


Lost Teddy

There’s a lost little teddybear at Hermannplatz, Berlin!!


Smoking Key Man

I found the very best locksmith in Berlin!
I have an over 100 years old door key which I wanted to have duplicated … impossible for almost everyone except for – tadaaaa – Walter Heise in Berlin-Neukölln, Emserstrasse 27. The real Walter doesn’t live anymore, but I like the guys inside, all smoking old men (the shop smells! I like it, gives me a feeling that they are really busy and don’t give a shit about non-smoking fashion), with funny phrases and jokes on their lips, and a gigantic wall of keys from which Smoking Man number one fished the right model in no time with a long fishing rod.



I am very very intrigued by a new method to create beautiful images using parts of plants and their inner phenols plus ecological developer aka washing soda and vitamin c! Read Karel’s blog please!
I invented something new: pastagram!
I soaked pasta pieces (Buchstabennudeln/letter noodles) in a developer soup and then placed them on super 8 stripes. In plain daylight!!
After a while I brushed them off and fixed the stripe. The result is not very amazing … looks like a leopard … but anyway … to be continued!!!!


Dreetzer See

… I love you!


Star Wars Clouds

When the clouds are coming in like Star Wars‘ credits you know … June is coming!!



Stockholm is sexy and smiling and pinhole camera and kanelbull-clichee and fog on the sea and bike lanes and I am learnig Swedish and my favourite words are glömt and nöttkött (jag äter inte nöttkött!) and varg and häst and katt.

Photo © www.berndbrundert.de


Under The Cherry Tree

I placed my pinhole camera under a blooming cherry tree and let it expose 3 seconds long.


Pep Casolare

My favourite pizzeria Casolare has two puppets in the front window which look like Pep Ventura. Pep Ventura, who is it?

Pep Ventura was a Catalan musician. A poor boy who lived with his grandfather and played on handmade flutes. He spiced up the Cobla and the Sardana with new flutes and composed 550 songs.

I made a film (click here to watch it!) … inspired by Barcelona, my own personal craziness, Wiki information and music.

Photos © Bernd Brundert


Pinhole Prince

And here it is: the pinhole picture that I took yesterday. Freshly developed, scanned and inverted to positive!


The Blue And The Green

Finally! Finally summer has come to Berlin … and my favourite public pool has opened its gates. The Prinzenbad! Princes’ Pool! The blue of the water (15°, icecold, can you imagine? I went in!!) … the blue of the sky … the fresh juicy green of the newborn tree leaves! I am simply happy to be alive (and I took a pinhole picture with my Illy camera. Result: later. Must scan).


Friends In My Darkroom #10

25 years ago I lost my lover and 9 years ago I refound him. 2 years ago I got a darkroom and now I move it to another smaller planet. 7236576235 years ago there were mammoths, now there are less bees. I don’t like Bob Dylan but he sang right: The Times they are a-changin‘ …


Hello New Darkroom!

Well … I moved my darkroom into my bathroom again like it was 2 years ago. Now tidier. It feels good. My first Kodachrome (developed in Rodinal) is hanging to dry and I think I’ll have a glass of red wine and celebrate!


Bye Bye Darkroom Atelier

2 years! 2 years of silence and happiness and crazy workshops and concentrated work and meeting people sometimes and growing flowers and chilis on the terrace and films films films. And photos. And pinhole photos.

Now my darkroom moves into my bathroom. Much smaller. But still full of inspiration!


The Other Half

Women‘s Day. We‘re going to get the other half. And a little bit more. For all the brutal shit.


Blooming Bus

Some of the Berlin busses wear flowers now!



My favourite sticker! Mehr tolle Ranzen! More tolerance! More fancy satchels!


New Pizza On The Block

We have waited a long time. Years. The Casolare is the big boss and I used to say: there is nothing better.


Now there is.

Just opposite. Try it!


I See Double

… that was the name of my recent workshop. Filming with double super 8 cameras! And even more adventurous: creating double exposures!

We used fresh Czech FOMA films and old ORWOs.

Developed in Caffenol, classical poisonous black & white reversal stuff like potassium permanganate & sulfuric acid and a little less toxic and more experimental: peroxide and acetic acid. Yummy stuff and beautiful results!!!



Mothersocks are joyful, colourful, made with love and best wool. They keep me alive all winter long. Thank you Mama (das wollte ich schon immer mal bloggen ;-))