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Hello New Darkroom!

Well … I moved my darkroom into my bathroom again like it was 2 years ago. Now tidier. It feels good. My first Kodachrome (developed in Rodinal) is hanging to dry and I think I’ll have a glass of red wine and celebrate!


Bye Bye Darkroom Atelier

2 years! 2 years of silence and happiness and crazy workshops and concentrated work and meeting people sometimes and growing flowers and chilis on the terrace and films films films. And photos. And pinhole photos.

Now my darkroom moves into my bathroom. Much smaller. But still full of inspiration!


The Other Half

Women‘s Day. We‘re going to get the other half. And a little bit more. For all the brutal shit.


Blooming Bus

Some of the Berlin busses wear flowers now!



My favourite sticker! Mehr tolle Ranzen! More tolerance! More fancy satchels!


New Pizza On The Block

We have waited a long time. Years. The Casolare is the big boss and I used to say: there is nothing better.


Now there is.

Just opposite. Try it!


I See Double

… that was the name of my recent workshop. Filming with double super 8 cameras! And even more adventurous: creating double exposures!

We used fresh Czech FOMA films and old ORWOs.

Developed in Caffenol, classical poisonous black & white reversal stuff like potassium permanganate & sulfuric acid and a little less toxic and more experimental: peroxide and acetic acid. Yummy stuff and beautiful results!!!



Mothersocks are joyful, colourful, made with love and best wool. They keep me alive all winter long. Thank you Mama (das wollte ich schon immer mal bloggen ;-))


Friends In My Darkroom #9

This is Črt from Praha/Prag! A crazy film maker and camera collector … I asked him what his name means, the only name in the world without vowels! (pronounce it like “Chirt”) … and he said: it means nothing where he comes from – Slovenia – but in Czech where he lives now it means “Devil”. Hoooaah!! 😉


Silent Tulips

Official opening of my friends’ gigantic amazing venue called Silent Green (it used to be a crematorium) … I found a tiny island of tulips, talk, drinks and silence in the middle of a funky party.


I Love My 2 Aunts

This is a very special lovesong for my 2 favourite aunts. Enjoy it on vimeo. The secret password is pelmeni. XXX


Ach du

2019 is here …


Friends In My Darkroom #8

This is Deborah and she says: “It all smells like black tea until the soda and vitamin c is put in and then it smells like henna!”


Ava‘s Socke

Little sweetness.


Friends In My Darkroom #7

Christoph, red friend for half of my life!
Always a Trichter on the head 😉



Just say Nein or No to Alexification.


Pizza Academy

Design Academy Berlin for drawing, photography, gaming and pizza sharing 😉


Don’t Look Now

Daphne du Maurier made me fall in love with Donald Sutherland.
One of the best films ever – Nicolas Roeg has just died ….
„Don’t look now“ … a film that I saw when I was in my teenage years that impressed me like hell … one of the best horror films ever … when the red caped dwarf turns around and reveils a spooky old face … aaaaah …. the second face … the blue eyed blind woman … the silent soft boatride through the canals of Venice … a film about premonition, time travel, a warning, an ending love … but more, it reminds me of one of my most loved novels by Daphne du Maurier: „Ein Tropfen Zeit“ in German, „The House on the Strand“ in English … if you ever get the chance to read it: do it! It is about a person travelling in time using a weird drug potion, making him go back into time, into addicting and most fascinating stories of murder, adultery, plague, betrayal in the 14th century … but only in his mind, not in his body … that’s why he finally mixes the two worlds more and more … walking on a train trail that is not real in his 14th century meadows …

There is scarcely a book in the world that dragged me more into a fantastic bubble like this one. Even Daphne says: „I got so hooked on the story I actually woke up one day with nausea and dizziness“.

This is Daphne du Maurier:


Kicherlotto / Chickpea Lotto

Making an installation for a new film called „Kicherlotto / Chickpea Lotto“!!
The peas are numbered from 1 to 49 – the German lotto needs 6 numbers – and they will germinate and sprout in only a few days. As soon as I see a little sprout coming out I will note the number and play lotto with the first 6!!


Химия для orwo 9165

I got it! Original chemistry for old ORWO colour super 8 films! Also working well with Agfachrome films from the 70s. It will be a challenge. Pretty poisonous stuff …. don’t breath too much. Thank you, Adrian!!