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unterwegs in Sachen Film >>> <<< on the road making films!



Smile! Spring is on its way!!



Nothing feels better than a heartbreaking bird tune after a long long long winter!

The first Berlin blackbird appeared and I greet him or her with all of my heart!!


Neukölln Südring

Nothing special … just riding the Ubahn, feeling good, hipsters and normalos and me and them and everybody going from A to B, breathing subterranean winds, sniffing spring winds curling in ….


15 Minutes Peppermint Nap

I’m in love with my peppermint pinhole camera!
Outside in plain sunny daylight it takes only about 1 to 5 seconds exposure whereas inside with artificial light and some sun coming in … around 15 minutes!


Snow Way

Another peppermint camera picture! I love the vignette! It’s because it’s so wide angled. Light passes through a very small hole and doesn’t really get to the corners. The focal length is short. The fun is big!