Super 8 Polyverse

Come! Thursday in Hamburg, Lichtmess Cinema, 8 pm.

I present 18 short super 8 films made by women worldwide.

Films by women who are my friends, whom I personally know – except for 2, which I know virtually thanks to an interstellar network – from Germany (Berlin, Hamburg), Switzerland, Great Britain and Mexico / Argentina.
The oldest one is from 1987, the newest one was finished only 1/2 years ago …

Super 8 is an extremely sexy material: It is warm-colored, has unbeatable gray and color shades that you achieve get digitally, it is partially mysteriously blurred, has a natural grain, is not 100% plannable and comes – if the filmmaker extends her antennas properly and throws herself fearlessly into the Wabisabi – close to the object, to the action, to the world.

Websites of some of the filmmakers:

….. wow ….. I love them 🙂

Coffee Workshop In Hamburg

I was invited to give a workshop at Hamburg Kurzfilmfestival last week!
A group of seven filmed super 8 black&white and we developed in yummy soup made of coffee, vitamin c and washing soda. The weather was so hot that we puddled happily outside in the yard. The result: fun and a bunch of very beautiful black&white negatives!
Here’s a link to the group film >>> X.


Here’s a little addendum to my Hamburg shortfilmfest experiences:
My alltime favourite cinema is the LICHTMESS (Hamburg-Altona, Gaussstr. 25)! There’s an angel above and a filled fridge below (thank you for the neverending well of white wine, Dorit!) and a good amount of seats and … good films. And busy boys (see and admire Carsten and Torsten in their festival stripe shirts 😉 refilling the fridge.

Keep on rockingprojecting!