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unterwegs in Sachen Film >>> <<< on the road making films!


Good Night Sheep

Somebody please adopt this sheep!!


Prinzenbad Happiness

Happiness is a warm coffee and a Körnerbrötchen at my beloved Prinzenbad! Due to Corona we have to order time slots online which makes the crowd smaller … it is pure joy to swim in a so much emptier pool now and no more kiddies jumping in my face from the sides …


Matcha And 3 Leaves

Matcha goo on paper darkens after 2 months in the sun! And where’s the green? This is my weirdest, softest anthotype.


A Bear! A Bear!


Share Some Sugar

Have strawberry jam, share with hungry wasps!

Here’s what you need to know about the little striped stingers!!! >>> www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/what-do-wasps-do.html


Sea Stickers In The M44

If you can’t go to the sea the sea will come to you! Or something like that, some kid thought to her/himself sticking sea stickers on the bus Festhaltestange, now what’s that word in english? Handrail? Holding rod?
Anyway – I smelled the salty ocean for a second!


Sudden Summer Rain

Sitting in my favourite Café (Goldmarie) with my favourite brother (Bernd) suddenly all heavens opened their gates (not Bill) and poured all available summer rain on us. I love it!!! (We were sitting under a Sonnenschirm, a sun umbrella).


Cornfield Pinhole Photo

Hello beautiful juicy cornfield! I love you, I take a pinhole photo, don’t move, 3 seconds exposure time only. Thank you.


Shiny Little Visitor

Rosenkäfer! Flower chafer! (Cetoniinae)



Basil juice on aquarell paper, photo transparent on it, 10 days in the sun, and voilà: a face!


All My Colours

I am a happy painter at the moment – I have pretty much time and space to test different plant colours (which will eventually be an emulsion on a piece of cardbord or fabric to make an anthotype!).

A bright pink comes from beetroot. Mix some fresh turmeric (curcuma) in it and you obtain a warmer red tone.
Same with red cabbage: you receive a bright blue. Turmeric in: green!
Turmeric pure is a bright, almost neon yellow!

I love it! 😍


Harvesting Anthos on Youtube

Another little film on my Youtube Channel (all about how to make films … pictures … photos): watch me harvesting anthotypes (pictures made with the help of plant juice and sunlight only)!!


The Old Weighhouse

They have a mysterious house number 14 in this village that consists only of one street in a circle, starting with number 1 (I live at 31) and ending with … not much more.
I found out it’s a weigh house! For everybody! You drive your tractor on the weighing platform outside and then you operate skillfully the scales inside.

(the b&w photo top right is a pinhole photo)


Licky Cat

Cats look extremely sweet-silly the millisecond before they start to lick their fur 😉


Summer Colours And A Snail

This June is slow and wet and full of colours and it smells like freshly cut grass and caramel!


Where‘s The Kitty-Kitty?


Riding The Odeg Und Ein Satz Heisse Ohren

The Odeg is the East German Train Company (Ost-Deutsche Eisenbahn GmbH) which brought me back to the countryside today (I was 2 days busy bee in Berlin).

I stared at a sign at the door and I began to see things … sorry, only makes sense in German … yeah but no but yeah but no I could explain:

Please ring here for:

1 = nothing
2 = filter coffee
3 = a set of hot ears (slang for: I hit your ears and they get hot)
3 = a 3-voice song


Anthotypes Tutorial

All this anthotypes stuff … but how does it actually work?

Check my tutorial (click here!) on my Crazy Welterklärerin Youtube Channel!!! 😀


Nizo In The Willows

Click … evening … calm … willow … click … birdies … click … super 8 … horizon, wide … click … I love my self made artist in residency … thank you Roji for having me here!


Anthotypes Fun


Squeezing juice from leaves and blossoms, green, purple, pink, red, blue, brushing it on papers and the colors change to brown, other blues and greens, violet, beige … I love it! I am experimenting all days long.

And then: placing things or negative or positive film pieces on the colored papers, cover them with glass and lay them in the sun. For several days or even weeks. The summer sun bleaches the juice emulsion, but only the not covered parts of course! So under the whatever … objects, black film parts the juice colour remains and … let’s see, this is the first time I’m doing it.

I will certainly post the results in three, four weeks!!!


My self organized Artist-in-Residency

Two of my best friends live outside of Berlin on the countryside and they invited me to stay in their … well it’s not a barn, it used to be a Werkstatt, a workshop, it is an old beautiful little brick building, and now it is my studio! 3 weeks!!

With the help of my brother Bernd and Gesine we tinkered me a nice darkroom.
I dive now deep into plants. I take my submarine and float through colors, juices, twigs, ideas and I produce pictures. Pinhole pictures. Anthotypes (antho = blossom), mixed anthotypes with phytograms (phyto = plant). The older I get the freeer I feel. Freeer? My autocorrect suggested freezer, but no, not for me.

And by the way, I feel the hell of a hot and frozen sorry for the US. For my dear friends there. See in real time how a „normal“ state is being transformed into a horror version of a … what? Police state? Moron dictatorship? Why doesn’t anyone succeed to xxx this orange amoeba?



Just a little sweet something on my summer balcony.


Next Project: Anthotypes

I am going to live 3 weeks on the countryside at friends’ from next week! Roji Japanese Gardens! Not too far away from my Berlin so that I can come home for a day if I forgot anything … yeah but 3 weeks next to garden, fields, vegetables, meadows … eating and working with them. Self organized artist-in-residency!!

Anthotypes is my next thing. Making photo-sensitive emulsions from plant extracts.
And also a lot of pinhole photos … and of course: super 8 films galore! It’s June! “Ode to June # 8” is coming!!!!


Cold Summer Sunday

What can you do when it’s freaking cold and wet outside? Go into the darkroom and make some beautiful pictures!
I had collected some White Lamium (deadnettle / Taubnessel) plants and cooked them to a developer. Now is the time to make some direct positives from my pinhole negatives!


The Rapeseed Field

… another pinhole picture!
10 seconds exposure, afternoon light.
The whole and then a close-up underneath.
I love the blossoms… some still, some swaying in the wind.


Field of Depth

I am amazed. By the field of depth and the depth of field my simple Illy pinhole camera has. Gives. Provides. Look at this picture! Dandelions, Pusteblumen, the one in front blurred because it was windy, the other ones nice in focus. From close to far.
Summer coming!


Comic Cover Coloring

I have so much time at the moment and I’m diving in my pictures and films and ideas and inspirations … one idea is: opening an online shop! Selling what? Original photos, film still prints, a pinhole photo book, a comic book … checking out: can I colorize a cover? Simply with water colors? Yes, I can. Watch me!!! Click here!!!



Sometimes little miracles happen!
I was editing this fresh new film of mine called „Mjuk“ (Swedish for „soft“) and then I though: music! And then I remembered that I had two years ago a little glimpse of a contact to a Vietnamese musician called Nhung Nguyen aka Soundawakener said she likes my films and then I discovered that I liked her music … so I just asked her.
And here it is, the perfect sound to my images, water and moss, waves and clouds, watch it here on Vimeo!


Smilestone and the Sea

My second film „made in Sweden“ is ready! Full of poetry, ukulele songs, blue images and a weird story!

Watch it on vimeo in deutsch and english!!!!


Pinhole Photo Book

I am back in Berlin!
I have scanned all photos, developed all super 8 films (they are about to be digitized right now) … and now I am layouting a photo book. Pure pleasure for me, I LOVE to play with text & images!
How will I print it? Sell it? Bind it? Discovered japanese binding techniques, will try to learn it – so each book will be handmade with an original (baryte) photo as cover … that’s the plan.