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unterwegs in Sachen Film >>> <<< on the road making films!


I Am In Nice / France!

Some impressions … of a beautiful and sunny city and of a wonderful film festival called Le Regard Indépendant!


Somikon Super 8 Scanner

I have a super 8 scanner now!!!! It scans nicely, just got it today and checked it with a very old ORWO film. It took about 20 minutes to clickclickclick one roll of super 8 film. The quality is good! It says HD and I think it comes pretty close. Not for the big screen but for the smaller one it seems to be more than enough!!! (the film was not so sharp anyway …)


Me And Deborah Having An Outdoor Coffee At The Market


I Open My Shop

I have an online shop now called DAGIES PICTURES!
I presented it live on facebook, you can watch a shorter version of it here on Youtube!
Here you can go directly to my shop: dagiespictures.bigcartel.com



Another film of my Swedish collection is now edited and ready to watch! 3 minutes long. Click the image or here!!!



Der 4. Wagen Ist Verschossen

means: the 4th car is … in love! Instead of closed. One letter missing.


Ode an Juni 9

Here it is! Number 9!

Like to see them all? Click here!!!


28 Pinhole Photos – 2 Months Later

Remember? >> “The developed images are returned to their place of origin, hung up there and they remain there until they are destroyed, soaked or weathered – kiss the moment, it’s not a pyramid!”

I went there yesterday to see what has become of them … if they are still there … and yes, they are!
Some have withered in a very interesting way, the one of the water connection thing looks like a runpath for little creature!
Oh I love the title: “Runpath For Little Creatures” … 🙂 … will it be the title of my upcoming book???


Some Dresden Glimpses

I was in Dresden, only 2 days, only one and a half hour away from Berlin, by train. The train continued directly to Budapest. I felt East European!
There’s a little film festival, called Schmalfilmtage / Small Format Days. This year very empty which is a bit weird since lockdown is over and I thought people would happily attend any event … but maybe we have all become a bit tired in our bubbles …
Anyway: it was lovely to be somewhere else!


It‘s A Brownie!

I found a new toy. A Brownie! As simple as a pinhole camera but with a lens instead of a hole. One step higher towards complication!

It is meant for the use of Kodak-special 620 film rolls that don’t exist any more. You can use 120 film but you will have to roll it on those 620 spools which you must find somewhere …
Too complicated, I cut photo paper to the right size and stuffed it in, squeezed it in the back door frame!

And then I thought why not trying to develop the paper pieces positive instead of negative? It’s a far more complicated process but it’s possible. There’s even an eco alternative … so I mixed some coffee, soda and vitamin c for the two developers and some hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid for the strong bleach.

Luckily I am staying on the countryside right now at my friend’s place, we drive around, find beautiful spots and click the Brownie!

And then we spend hours in the darkroom polishing the recipe, heating the soup, playing with developing time, trying not to sniff the stinky bleach, getting completely black papers and some very pale, some with weird dots and stripes, but some come out funky magical and beautiful!


Squint Your Eyes …

… and see a plastic cat!!


Pinhole Photo Craze

My exhibition is still on … the photos will be hanging there until they fade away …
Here’s a little super 8 film that I made about the … making of!
Click on the photo and you will land on youtube!



I am in Seehausen / Uckermark for a couple of days and play holidays! Me and my bike and stormy weather, some rain, some sunshine, feels like summer is coming to an end … oh nooooo …


A Day Off – At Devil‘s Lake

Teufelssee / Devil’s Lake – I love you!
(Taking the S-Bahn from Jannowitzbrücke to Heerstrasse, then a few kms by bike)


Pinhole Photo Map

This is where they hang!!!



Floating In The Wind

Two photos are hanging in a tree … floating free … visible from front and back (back is important! Developing method written on it!) …
This is a little film by www.berndbrundert.de :-*


28 Pinhole Photos

… are hanging now outside in the green! In the Silent Green – a fantastic culture center venue in Berlin! It is part of a gigantic 1 month exhibition: THE GARDEN. CINEMATICS OF THE SOIL, dedicated to the life and work of the British filmmaker, artist and activist Derek Jarman. … see here click click!
I am a micro exhibition! I wrote about it: “Kiss the Moment, it’s Not a Pyramid!
Over the course of many days, Dagie Brundert is out and about on the silent green grounds, taking pinhole camera photos in the garden. Negatives. One every now and then. With her trusty, much-travelled Illy coffee can, she lets chance and mood guide her, looking for spots where beauty beats banality by a mile to capture just one moment. For a few seconds. The developed images are returned to their place of origin, hung up there and they remain there until they are destroyed, soaked or weathered – kiss the moment, it’s not a pyramid!”

Let it begin!



Nothing nicer than unveiling fresh photo prints that dried over night (it’s baryte cardboard, they need long rinsing and long drying between clothes)!
It’s all for my upcoming photo walk – hanging – story telling – exhibition, see here >>> Kiss the Moment, it’s not a Pyramid!


Ice Bear

Looks like a tired sitting ice bear 😉


The Pyramid Film Is Online

Kiss the Moment, it’s not a Pyramid! (Göteborg)
2021 • 4.21 min • Super 8

A documentary. Klick here to watch it on Youtube.

I make positive prints from my pinhole negatives, I develop them in a specific soup that is related to the object: Magnolia soup, tree leaf soup, cucumber pickle soup … and in Kompostol, a developer made from food waste.
A person’s leftover food of one day makes one liter of developer and develops about 6 photos.

I take something from nature and I give it back.

I hang the photo in the place where it was taken. It remains there until it gets stolen, rained down, or weathered.

It is in transit, it will disappear, but that doesn’t matter, the flowers are wilting as well and the trees are losing their leaves.
Nothing is forever, but for a while it is just there, delightful: kiss the moment, it’s not a pyramid!

Click the image, watch the film!!!!!


Dance Around The June Fire

My favourite month is almost over!
Time for a little fire dance!

(click on the image!!)


Kleeol / Cloverol

I’m in my June film bubble … filming every day a little piece of my life … this is June 20: developing a photo in clover juice / Kleesaft!!
Click on the photo to watch the film snippet!!


Ode To June Time Again

You know that I am an Ode-to-June film maker? Every June I have to capture June, my ultimately favorite month, in picture and sound.
Diary film, Berlin portrait, life excerpt, colorful poem, something like that …
There are now 8 odes, all between 16 and 32 minutes long. And there will be more each year as long as there is Super 8. And me.

There’s also a website for all my June films! Click here!!!!


Three People Being Afraid Of A Cat Skeleton

Back in Berlin!
My films are already digitized and I’m eagerly browsing them. I found a weird still: is it … three people being afraid of a cat skeleton?



This green-blue! The colour of May going into June, I love it!
My last day at Konstepidemin … summer feeling all around and slowly packing. Hej då!


The Photo Map

Here it is! The map! How to find all my hidden 10 photos!
Come to Konstepidemin and take a nice walk!


3 Women On A Bench Drinking Red Wine

My last photo in a series of 10 is hanging now at its original place where I took it. Trinidad‘s house wall, at the bench where the three were sitting!


Some Super 8 Stills

… of my photos preparing and hanging documentary!
Better versions coming later … these are just phone photos taken from the super 8 film running through a projector – projected on the wall. Anyway … I like them.


9 Photos

Baryte photos have to stay in the water for hours … and then dry over night between towels. Best moment: unveil them in the morning!


“Kiss The Moment, It‘s Not A Pyramid”

… is the title of my pinhole photo installation.

It is a give-it-back-where-I-took-it-from:

I am hanging my pinhole photos (baryte cardbord, each one developed in an appropriate developing soup like Magnolia Juice, Coffee, Kompost Tea, Gurkol aka Cucumber Pickle Water) carefully to where they came from: on a tree, on a special place somewhere at Konstepidemin area!
Of course they can get stolen or destroyed the very next day, they will wither and rain away with time and weather, but that’s part of the game: baryte paper with robust grommets and cords can stay hanging for months! Or disappear within days. It doesn’t scare or bother me: it’s just like life, things come and leave, nothing lasts forever, kiss the moment, it’s not a pyramid!