I See Double

… that was the name of my recent workshop. Filming with double super 8 cameras! And even more adventurous: creating double exposures!

We used fresh Czech FOMA films and old ORWOs.

Developed in Caffenol, classical poisonous black & white reversal stuff like potassium permanganate & sulfuric acid and a little less toxic and more experimental: peroxide and acetic acid. Yummy stuff and beautiful results!!!

Admiral Bridge Beauties

The Admiralbrücke in Berlin-Kreuzberg has been a meeting point for some years now – a cool place to hang – live music makers and enjoyers, sunset watchers, party people, tourists, beerdrinkers and beerbottle smashers … I live just around the corner and pass by every now and then. Today I found some fresh written doodles, nice, artsy, funny, make more!

Here’s an english article (radio) about the pros and cons of this popular bridge. Sleepless in Kreuzberg …

Wabisabi In Berlin Part 1!

Yeeha, the first Berlin-workshop is over (the second is in July and full).
7 people, 2 intense days full of filmish vibes, lucky developers, great ideas, infecting mood! It’s every time (this was only my 5th workshop so far) fascinating how people that have never met before can become very quickly like brothers and sisters in a boat! Thank you for being part of the wabisabi event, guys and chicas!!

This is Nadine hanging in a tree, Cécile despiralizing the freshly developed film from the spiral and Florian hanging 15 m of still wet film through the dark room while we were watching some films on the beamer.

Film on!


Funny, found another Kiosk with a lovely name: today it’s Dresdener Str. / Berlin-Pankow. There are luckily a lot of shops / Kiosks that are open until very late (to buy alcohol & cigarettes for example).
The German word for LATE is SPÄT so the guy who owns this paradise calls him/herself LATY / SPÄTI!
Nice to meet you!

Goldmarie & Pechmarie

My friend Nadine is in town! (She’s on a job in Heidelberg for 3 months and now she’s home for a couple of days), we met at our favourite bar around the corner, open day and night, outside and inside, called Goldmarie (Grimmstr. 29/ Böckhstr. in Kreuzberg).

It’s a beautiful calm place with good not-expensive wine and coffee and tasty small food, wonderful shell-tiles-lamps and a good view at the canal and Admiralbrücke.

There was a group of people sitting at our neighbour table drinking interesting drinks including coffee and Baileys and whipped cream on top (supposedly they felt cold because they were supposedly Italians) and we felt somehow at an instant connected to them and to the whole world and to buzzing pulsating swinging Berlin-at-the-moment and a little weird with our white wine and sparkling water and extra ice cubes (supposedly we felt warm because we are supposedly Northwesterns?)

I don’t know why they call their bar Goldmarie, but anyway Goldmarie it is a character from a fairytale, the opposite part is Pechmarie (Pech means misfortune) and it has to do something with Frau Holle (Germans click here), let me check it in Auntie Google and I’ll be back 😉

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

Goldmarie aus dem Märchen „Frau Holle“ – Illustration von Hermann Vogel: