Goldmarie & Pechmarie

My friend Nadine is in town! (She’s on a job in Heidelberg for 3 months and now she’s home for a couple of days), we met at our favourite bar around the corner, open day and night, outside and inside, called Goldmarie (Grimmstr. 29/ Böckhstr. in Kreuzberg).

It’s a beautiful calm place with good not-expensive wine and coffee and tasty small food, wonderful shell-tiles-lamps and a good view at the canal and Admiralbrücke.

There was a group of people sitting at our neighbour table drinking interesting drinks including coffee and Baileys and whipped cream on top (supposedly they felt cold because they were supposedly Italians) and we felt somehow at an instant connected to them and to the whole world and to buzzing pulsating swinging Berlin-at-the-moment and a little weird with our white wine and sparkling water and extra ice cubes (supposedly we felt warm because we are supposedly Northwesterns?)

I don’t know why they call their bar Goldmarie, but anyway Goldmarie it is a character from a fairytale, the opposite part is Pechmarie (Pech means misfortune) and it has to do something with Frau Holle (Germans click here), let me check it in Auntie Google and I’ll be back 😉

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

Goldmarie aus dem Märchen „Frau Holle“ – Illustration von Hermann Vogel: