Fisherman’s Photons

Another pinhole photo making. On the beach, the wintery beach, the Baltic Sea, a patient fisherman and me unobtrusively approaching, setting my coffee camera in the wet sand, opening the hole, the camera lens, 5 seconds long, just enough to capture fisherman’s photons, taking them, making a picture.
Later developed and scanned (bad scan, my scanner is ill, I just took it off my light table).

Eddy, Svenja, Love, Sea

My brother Bernd, his son David and myself went to see our parents (and to teach them the world of internet with their new computer ;-)) for a 2 days holiday. They live very close to the Baltic Sea which is quite cold and grey at this season but beautiful nonetheless. The colours merge somehow to mud. Sometimes the sun comes through, very white, very glistening. Feels very much like years end!

Whoever and whereever Eddy and Svenja are – good luck!