These matchboxes! I just HAVE to do something with them … play … film … animate …

Solstickan is a Swedish charity foundation founded in 1936 for aiding children in need. The money for the foundation is gathered through the sales of the Solstickan matchbox or lighter which over the years have become the most well known and purchased matchbox in Sweden. The art work of the matchbox was made in 1936 by the artist Einar Nerman and is a painting of his own son.
Today, the money from the Solstickan foundation goes mostly to science and research in child diseases.


Twin Trees

There is a kind of small alley that leads up from the street to, my residency until end of April here in Skåne, South Sweden. The entrance is marked by two majestic big old trees (now still unleafed), they fascinate me, they are twins … sisters … pals … lovers … and they look just wonderful negative as well as positive!!!


On a trip to Avantfilm in Karlstad, Sweden, where I’m luckily invited to show some films of mine and to give a little performance on film developing with coffee, plants and Aqvavit, I play holiday in Stockholm 3 days before. Landed safely in Arlanda (what a beautiful name!), getting wet under heavy rain, admiring amazing cloud formations, sleeping on a boat … some impressions! More tomorrow!