2 Brothers

This was a legendary night! I know they would recognize each other! My two brothers: my real one that I love so much forever and my brother in Super 8 Film, Paolo from LA that I love as well for film spirit and big heart! They met! Tonight! In person! At Pizza! At wine! The world held its breath for a glimpse and then kept on shaking as usually. Good feeling!

Geocaching – Nephew’s Delight!

There are crazy people out there, wandering through woods and castles and tunnels, with a GPS in the hand and an enlightened look on their face, on the hunt for treasures! … this is our new passion: geocaching!

Today: The Beelitzer Heilstätten (close to Potsdam) – I stole the following info from Aunt Wiki: Originally designed as a sanatorium by the Berlin workers‘ health insurance corporation, the complex from the beginning of World War I on was a military hospital of the Imperial German Army. In 1945, Beelitz-Heilstätten was occupied by Soviet forces, and the complex remained a Soviet military hospital until 1995.Following the Soviet withdrawal, attempts were made to privatize the complex, but they were not entirely successful. The remainder of the complex, including the surgery, the psychiatric ward, and a rifle range, was abandoned in 2000. As of 2007, none of the abandoned hospital buildings or the surrounding area were secured, giving the area the feel of a ghost town.

Me, my brother Bernd, my nephew David and our friend Uli solved 2 riddles and found two caches, yeehaa!! And explored the surrounding, the caves, the tunnels that connect all buildings – amazing and extremely exciting and beautiful!!!




… and in the end we rewarded ourselves with famous Beelitz asparagus and wheat beer!

Devil’s Mountain: Hello 2009!

Me, my brother and his little son spend New Years Night on Devil’s Mountain! A thousand Berliners had the same idea … but it was space enough for us all and we shared matches and enjoyed the ice cold night and the atmosphere up there. And the view over the city.

Auntie Wikipedia knows it all: Teufelsberg (German for Devil’s Mountain) is a hill in Berlin, in former West-Berlin. It rises about 80 meters above the surrounding.
It is an artificial hill with a curious history: it was built by the Allies after the Second World War from the rubble of Berlin during the following twenty years as the city was rebuilt.
One estimate for the amount of rubble is about 12 million cubic meters, or about 400,000 buildings. It is higher than the highest natural hill (the Kreuzberg) in the Berlin area.
The curiousness begins with what is buried underneath the hill: a Nazi military-technical college designed by Albert Speer. The Allies tried using explosives to demolish the school, but it was so sturdy that covering it with debris turned out to be easier.

This is my brother writing 2009 with a torch!

Eddy, Svenja, Love, Sea

My brother Bernd, his son David and myself went to see our parents (and to teach them the world of internet with their new computer ;-)) for a 2 days holiday. They live very close to the Baltic Sea which is quite cold and grey at this season but beautiful nonetheless. The colours merge somehow to mud. Sometimes the sun comes through, very white, very glistening. Feels very much like years end!

Whoever and whereever Eddy and Svenja are – good luck!