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unterwegs in Sachen Film >>> <<< on the road making films!


Anthotypes Ripening

My last anthos enjoy their sunbath. Mid September – hot!!!


Good Bye For This Season, Dear Prinzenbad!

See you again next summer …

(I put my Illy pinhole camera at the pool and took a photo – not yet scanned, come back later!!) …

And here comes a little film:


Private Little Pinhole Workshop

I gave a one day pinhole workshop for 2 friends in my own working space! Thinking about to offer it as a special event: small group, my private space including small darkroom, medium expensive 😉
It was fun! We tinkered 4 cool can cameras: 2 Illy coffee, one large and one flat cookie box!!


I’m On Patreon Now!

Hallihalllo Freund-innen, Fans, Verwandte und Eklatante, Film+FotoFreaks und Neugierige!!!
Ich bin jetzt auf www.patreon.com Das ist sowas wie ein Crowdfunding, nur regelmäßig! Schaut mal rein! Hier ist meine Seite: https://www.patreon.com/dagiebrundert

Ich will euch jetzt gar nicht anbetteln, nur neugierig machen, zum Weiterverteilen einladen, ich hab mich nämlich (sowieso!) entschlossen, noch mehr Energie, eigentlich alles, in meine Bilder zu schmeißen. Ich will die in die Welt schleudern. Und letztendlich davon leben. Irgendwie. Und ihr müsst das wissen.

Liebe für euch alle und bleibt gesund!

Hellobello friends, fans, relatives and superlatives, film + photo freaks and the curious ones!!!
I’m on www.patreon.com now. It’s like crowdfunding, only regularly! Check it out! This is my page: https://www.patreon.com/dagiebrundert

I don’t want to beg you now, just arouse your curiosity, invite you to multiply, pass it on, because I (yes!) decided to throw even more energy, actually everything, into my pictures. I want to catapult them out into the world. And ultimately make a living from it. Somehow. And I just want you to know.

Love to you all and stay healthy!


Beautiful Pinhole Photo Mistakes


Nom Nom Jam

Somehow I like these little nervous creatures!


Around The Kotti

Strolling through my streets with my Illy pinhole cam in my pocket, finding unspectacular corners that I love for some undefined reason 😉



Ich hab ein kleines Handyfilmchen gedreht und lach mich scheckig über einen ruralen Dichter. Bzw über sein blödes Gedicht, das ich auf einer Gedenktafel an einer Bank irgendwo auf dem Land gefunden hab. Glatte Selbstüberschätzung, männliche, dachte ich. Aber ist das nicht gemein? Ja. Irgendwie schon. Der gute Mann meckert nicht, jammert nicht, er liebt seine Umgebung und ihm flattert Lyrik in den Kopf, vielleicht sollte man sich einfach mal freuen, dass er nicht Bauer Erwin erschlägt oder seine Frau verprügelt, sondern zarte Reime in die Welt ballert!

Zum Film


Bank / Bench Error

New super 8 film online!!!

“Benches and what they see”
(in German banks and benches are called the same: „bank“. Bankirrtum would translate as bank error / bench error.)

Click here!


2 Swans

2 new anthotypes. The blue swan: red cabbage juice. The almost invisible green swan: stinging nettle juice. Both about 3 weeks exposure in the sun. Red cabbage bleaches out, nettle changes its green. Interesting!!!!


Ode An Juni / Ode To June 2020

The new June film is ready! Completely super 8! 25 colourful minutes!!!!

Watch it on Youtube!


Good Night Sheep

Somebody please adopt this sheep!!


Prinzenbad Happiness

Happiness is a warm coffee and a Körnerbrötchen at my beloved Prinzenbad! Due to Corona we have to order time slots online which makes the crowd smaller … it is pure joy to swim in a so much emptier pool now and no more kiddies jumping in my face from the sides …


Matcha And 3 Leaves

Matcha goo on paper darkens after 2 months in the sun! And where’s the green? This is my weirdest, softest anthotype.


A Bear! A Bear!


Share Some Sugar

Have strawberry jam, share with hungry wasps!

Here’s what you need to know about the little striped stingers!!! >>> www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/what-do-wasps-do.html


Sea Stickers In The M44

If you can’t go to the sea the sea will come to you! Or something like that, some kid thought to her/himself sticking sea stickers on the bus Festhaltestange, now what’s that word in english? Handrail? Holding rod?
Anyway – I smelled the salty ocean for a second!


Sudden Summer Rain

Sitting in my favourite Café (Goldmarie) with my favourite brother (Bernd) suddenly all heavens opened their gates (not Bill) and poured all available summer rain on us. I love it!!! (We were sitting under a Sonnenschirm, a sun umbrella).


Cornfield Pinhole Photo

Hello beautiful juicy cornfield! I love you, I take a pinhole photo, don’t move, 3 seconds exposure time only. Thank you.


Shiny Little Visitor

Rosenkäfer! Flower chafer! (Cetoniinae)



Basil juice on aquarell paper, photo transparent on it, 10 days in the sun, and voilà: a face!


All My Colours

I am a happy painter at the moment – I have pretty much time and space to test different plant colours (which will eventually be an emulsion on a piece of cardbord or fabric to make an anthotype!).

A bright pink comes from beetroot. Mix some fresh turmeric (curcuma) in it and you obtain a warmer red tone.
Same with red cabbage: you receive a bright blue. Turmeric in: green!
Turmeric pure is a bright, almost neon yellow!

I love it! 😍


Harvesting Anthos on Youtube

Another little film on my Youtube Channel (all about how to make films … pictures … photos): watch me harvesting anthotypes (pictures made with the help of plant juice and sunlight only)!!


The Old Weighhouse

They have a mysterious house number 14 in this village that consists only of one street in a circle, starting with number 1 (I live at 31) and ending with … not much more.
I found out it’s a weigh house! For everybody! You drive your tractor on the weighing platform outside and then you operate skillfully the scales inside.

(the b&w photo top right is a pinhole photo)


Licky Cat

Cats look extremely sweet-silly the millisecond before they start to lick their fur 😉


Summer Colours And A Snail

This June is slow and wet and full of colours and it smells like freshly cut grass and caramel!


Where‘s The Kitty-Kitty?


Riding The Odeg Und Ein Satz Heisse Ohren

The Odeg is the East German Train Company (Ost-Deutsche Eisenbahn GmbH) which brought me back to the countryside today (I was 2 days busy bee in Berlin).

I stared at a sign at the door and I began to see things … sorry, only makes sense in German … yeah but no but yeah but no I could explain:

Please ring here for:

1 = nothing
2 = filter coffee
3 = a set of hot ears (slang for: I hit your ears and they get hot)
3 = a 3-voice song


Anthotypes Tutorial

All this anthotypes stuff … but how does it actually work?

Check my tutorial (click here!) on my Crazy Welterklärerin Youtube Channel!!! 😀


Nizo In The Willows

Click … evening … calm … willow … click … birdies … click … super 8 … horizon, wide … click … I love my self made artist in residency … thank you Roji for having me here!