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unterwegs in Sachen Film >>> <<< on the road making films!


Second Hand Shoes And Cats

I love to play tourist in my own neighborhood. Strolling along my streets. Today, Easter Saturday, a holiday, first day of summer … me and Khani having coffee, taking pictures (exploring my cookie pinhole camera, pictures will follow!), looking for shoes … there’s a musty but lovely second hand store on Adalbertrasse – two beautiful cats chilling in the sun, one from Ankara, the owner says, one from Berlin.
Khani found blue Adidas shoes for only 35 € and I took a picture. A perfect summer holiday moment.


In The Magic Woods And Meadows

I’m in love with my pinhole cameras. They suck magic out of nature!


In The Fields

I found a cookie box. I transformed it to a pinhole camera. It’s so easy: drill a tiny hole and let the sun shine through upon a piece of film inside. You see reality from another angle.


Haufen Scheisse 3,50 €

… a heap of shit 3.50 € … or what is it there … Leberkäs / beef and pork loaf, several days expired? Mmmh!!! 🙂



Spring Moon, New Moon

After a long job over several weeks and a heartbraking job change I’m back in my picture and film world!