Analogue! Now!

One long week in Berlin: a festival all about analogue photography! AnalogueNow! An exhibition of great photo works and many many workshops. One of the workshops: mine! Developing black&white super 8 films in ecological stuff (such as Wurzelpeter bitter schnaps, coffee, flower tea …).
6 people, 5 hours, 4 film rolls, playing, filming, walking in the sun in Berlin-Lichtenberg’s beautiful and empty (industrial) streets.
And then: big surprise and fascination how it is possible that „simple“ non-poisonous things like tea made from local flowers and weed, brandy and coffee are so strong to develop a film into a b&w negative with great grey nuances, strong contrasty blacks and whites.
Let’s do it again! More workshops soon to come …


I will have a darkroom finally. A real darkroom, part of an atelier of a friend’s. Shared with my brother, the photographer. More films, more analog experiments, more „real“ photos, more playing with matter, juices and chemicals, light, friends. Yeah!