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Ode To June 4

I do it every year now. Every June. I film each day of my favourite month. Purely super 8. Colour. Every day a little bit, no rules, no limit, even if I don’t really feel like … I have to. Just grab my camera and film whatever I’m doing.

June #4 is ready now, took me some time to finish it, sorry, too much shit work to do. I’d love to do only filming. I guess I need a sponsor. Someone who believes in me and says: dear Dagie, I believe in you, I’ll give you 2000 bucks (Euro or Dollar, I don’t care) each month, go ahead, make art. Until it happens I just continue.

Watch it here >> on youtube



Clandestino is the first full-length solo album by Manu Chao.
Fact. Wiki.
Clandestino is also a well hidden bar in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Waldemarstrasse.
I discovered it lately, it’s not that well hidden any more.
Another fact. Me.
Believe me, they have the best wine and tapas.
Solo voy con mi pena
Sola va mi condena
Correr es mi destino
Para burlar la ley
Perdido en el corazón
De la grande Babylon
Me dicen el clandestino
Por no llevar papel.

Argelino, clandestino
Nigeriano clandestino
Boliviano clandestino
mano negra illegal

and now?


First Whiff Of Spring

On the roof terrace where I work, the first time of the year, yeah – the snow is gone! There’s a breath of coming spring! I hear the heating / air condition humming, I hear the far away sound of the subway squeaking at Gleisdreieck where it dives down into the ground, I drink a lemon verbena tea and capture the light!


2 Colour Matching Filmwomen

We like colours, movements, nature and sometimes people. We also like to in-camera-edit our films!


Pinhole Margaritas

Ooooooh winter please go away and make place for flowers and sun!


Girls Group

Filming laughing constructing networking eating building fucking sharing funning creating.



I was once in the FBI. I used to assemble cornflakes and walrusses around me and teach them how to use Russian developer tanks, using organic phenol containing beetroot and tulip soups (waiting for the sun) … in order to develop ordinary small format black! and white! films …the results are amazing. They eiffeltower every tetenalic kodakious plain plan play film. They are amazing. They make the world great again. Sad. True. Love.