Devil‘s Lake Vibes

I love my Teufelssee, my Devil‘s Lake. Situated in the West of Berlin, in Grunewald, quite small, but attractive for all overheated Berliners and tourists. We mingle. We are clothed or naked. We are hippies and hipsters, old, very old and medium. The vibe is very very relaxed and pleasant.

It’s a very old, glacial lake, rather deep, that is why it stays much cooler for longer than other lakes around – ideal when temperatures in the city rise above 30. Or 35.

I definitely adore it.


Funny … these days it seems that I find more and more weird things just lying there … does it have to do with the fact that I have set my antennas upright? That I have time? That I am off my daily job? My daily routine? I’m beginning to love it …

Smoking Key Man

I found the very best locksmith in Berlin!
I have an over 100 years old door key which I wanted to have duplicated … impossible for almost everyone except for – tadaaaa – Walter Heise in Berlin-Neukölln, Emserstrasse 27. The real Walter doesn’t live anymore, but I like the guys inside, all smoking old men (the shop smells! I like it, gives me a feeling that they are really busy and don’t give a shit about non-smoking fashion), with funny phrases and jokes on their lips, and a gigantic wall of keys from which Smoking Man number one fished the right model in no time with a long fishing rod.