This little piece of cake or cookie is an alfajor … it comes from south America (made in Berlin by a woman from Chile) and is made of flour, honey, and nuts.
Aunt Wiki says: “According to Spanish philologist Manuel Alvar López, alfajor is an Andalusian variant of the Castilian alajú, derived from the Arabic word الفَاخِر, al-fakhir, meaning luxurious!

Is Andec The Center Of The Universe?

I love Andec. One of the last remaining film laboratories in the world! I’ve known them for so many years, had my first super 8 films developed and copied there, I love them.
It happens sometimes: I am there, waiting for something … and another person pops in, another filmmaker is attracted like a fly to the lantern, zzzzzzt … and we meet.
This time it was Helga Fanderl (here’s her website), a film friend, an artist who I admire very much, a wonderful woman … so we went, after our business with Andec, around the block and had a big coffee at Denn’s and updated our friendship 😉
I love coincidences.

Pump Up The Darkroom

It used to be a factory, a wastewater canalisation company … they transformed it into a youth – culture – communication – center in the eighties: beautiful big industrial buildings … and the old pumps are still there. “Die Alte Pumpe” in Berlin.
And they have a darkroom! But nobody really knows how to run it … how to use it, to handle the enlargers, how to make photo prints …
And then came me, heehee! Just gave a 2 days workshop, played and explored and worked with two handfull of young people who are just beginning to study / preparing their portfolios. Big fun! Big enthusiasm!