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One more week and then my exhibition will open its doors!
I feel good. We have time. We work and prepare. It will be huge! If you have time and space: come by!


9 Flags

Funny how I got into embroidery … These are my 9 recent flags. Film quotes and unfinished ideas inspired me. Find them hanging in the tree at my big exhibition!!!!


Ode An Juni 2023

Now I start editing my 11th Ode an Juni / Ode to June film!

“In diesem Monat werde ich sehr viel unterwegs sein, Workshops und Filmfestival und Bokel, wo der geheimnisvolle Zirkuswagen steht und seinen Zauber voll entfaltet und wo ich eigentlich hauptsächlich die coolen netten Hühnchen abfilme!
I will be on the road a lot this month … a workshop, a film festival and Bokel, the Bokel, place of the mysterious gypsy caravan which is unfolding its magic … the place of funny and friendly free running chicken!
Und wo es das schönste Freibad von ganz Norddeutschland gibt! They have the most beautiful public pool of North Germany there!”

Shot completely on super 8 (what else …) … it will be about 20 minutes long. Here is some info about all my June films.


Art Link

Click on the image and get transported to their website: Art Link Berlin, the online magazine for contemporary art – an interview with me! About my upcoming exhibition!