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Mini Snippet From Stein! Berg! Kirche!

The digitized version is now here … will have to edit it and add some sound!


Washed Out Super 8 Colours

Yes, expired film, self developed … you never get the colours right, you sometimes get them better!


I Should Clean My Windows More Often


Recently In The Baltic Sea …

17° …


Goodbye Summer!

(Photo: www.berndbrundert.de)


Stein! Berg! Kirche!

So at some point, when I was looking at the village sign where my parents live, I thought: “Stein! Berg! Kirche! … Stone! Mountain! Church! … Rock! Paper! Scissors!” …
and a new film idea was born.

3 women playing it, simply having fun. Mountain beats stone, stone beats Jesus (Church) and Jesus divides the mountain.

They played it, I filmed it. Super 8 of course, black and white. It’s been developed and right now waiting to be digitized, then edited. I recorded voices and laughter.

Let’s see what I can tinker!

Thank you, Mama and Antje and Birgit (and my brother who is holding the subtitles!!)