Black Beauty White Beauty

I’m in a black&white mood. I just processed a super 8 reversal film, so exciting, it means: 5 baths plus second exposure to light before second developer … mmh that’s really magic and it looks like everything’s alright, see picture below. For all those who are interested in the matter: buy Czech Foma processing kit R100. Available in Berlin at Foto-Impex. Cheap and good. Foto-Impex is the best photo shop (analog) in town and they are the only ones as far as I know that sell chemicals!!!

Orangenrahmfächer & A Secret Russian World

A funny word: Orangenrahmfächer! Roughly translated as orange-cream-fan. I was waiting for the subway to take me to my brother – another trip to a geocache! This time direction North, Templin and beyond to a lost place: a former secret Russian city in former Eastgermany, a city in the middle of the woods, built for thousands of Russian soldiers and their families, totally shielded from the environment. Decaying slowly. I felt like in a timewhirl! Found beautiful paintings, peeling off and then that’s it, all the balalaikas, Leninfaces, naive fruit – gone!

foto © 😉