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Survival Moss And A Smiling G

Last day of February, lazy sunday, staring in the sky, smiling at daffodils, descrubbing my balcony, finding survival moss and a laughing G!


The Most Beautiful Sound In The World

… is for me after a once again too long winter: a singing blackbird.
I just heard him. Sunset, rain, melting snow, grey air. I grabbed my sound recorder, ran to the balcony, opened the door, pressed the button … and the singing was already over. But what a good start! 20 seconds, he’ll come back, rehearse, modify and extend his song, I know.
Here’s one from last year 😉 >>>> cityamsel2.mp3


The Big Melting …

… brings up last year’s shit! Love letters! New Years firecrackers! Cigarette buds!

Longing for new ones 😉


The Beam Machine

Subwaystation Moritzplatz today: An ATM with a pair of shoes neatly deposited in front. Maybe it’s not an ATM, maybe it’s a beam machine, a time machine, a summer machine, a travelator … something to escape with and leave shoes behind …

Winter continues, snow never ends, the longing for warmth and colors is immense.

Bottles, colors, sunbeams in my hallway.


Underground Panini & Smiling Bunnies

For the first time in maaany years I (I! The bike rider!) gave up and bought me a public transport ticket for February since it doesn’t look like winter’s going to end or tricky little ice hills on the bike lanes are going to melt. So I travel all through Berlins veins now, stopping at intersections, watching people … Fehrbelliner Platz is a croos station and it has a yummy mediterranean snack shop which I highly recommend – try a Panino Italiano for only 2 €: toasted bread with rucola (arugola), dried tomatoes and mozzarella inside! Mmh!

Later in a drugstore I found shimmering hope, smiling Easter bunnies, spring napkins, newborn colorful eggs, yippieh:


The Self-Healing Of My Camera

I was so stupid to drop my beautiful Lumix photocamera on New Years Eve, I was not even drunk, just squirrelly, careless. Broken. Release button no reaction, no nothing.
I knew it would be very expensive to have it repaired IF it had a chance … so today I sighed and went to Foto Braune, a shop in Berlin-Kreuzberg/Neukölln (Karl-Marx-Str. 7) specialized on photo and film (super8!), repairs, second hand etc.
And then the miracle happened … me: „I dropped my Lumix, help!“ – Braune-man laid his hand on it, checked it, said: „young woman, it’s healed, it’s ok!“ … and it was!
So here I bow down, flicker squirrellily with my wings and say THANK YOU!