Ice Buddha In The Snow And I’m Excited About Tomorrow …

Siberia! Ice flowers! Glimmering snow! From one day to another Berlin has totally changed, all is covered in snow and all is … slow.

Yesterday there was a great and warm and loud event at the Schokoladen: Khani showed her 2 Bands-On-Boats-Trailer and then: 2 bands: awesome Rubber Hair and punkfunky Sudaca Power. Hearts glowing here and there, wine flowing, snowballs throwing 😉

Aaaaand: tomorrow’s the day: my exhibition!
Spent half of the day hanging pictures, well, my brother actually did and I was jumping around …

Come and see!

Atelier Detel Aurand
Kreuzbergstr. 37/38
(U-Bahn Yorckstraße)

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