Rotterdam Reunite And Summer Feelings In A Train

Paolo, me, and Lisa met in Rotterdam!
This is an intimate message for those who know! They are my American (super-8-) friends who run one of the most magical places on earth – the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles! Yeeha! What a wonderful time we had walking over shaky bridges (pre spring stormy weather!), filming, counting rabbits … sharing and renewing our friendship!

On my train ride back to Berlin I discovered some poetic words / decoration … don’t understand much but it made me smile thinking about coming back, confetti and returning summer feelings!

And this is a cool sandwich vending machine found at Rotterdam Centraal train station!

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  1. Die drei Illuminaten! Nice shot.

    Maschinelle Verkaufsapparaturen auf Bahnhöfen und anderen öffentlichen Zusammenkünften laufen hier unter dem Label „Selecta“ und bieten mancherorts gar einen ambulanten Schwangerschaftstest zur freien Selektion…

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