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Wabisabi Super 8 Workshop In Berlin

Playing in the park, animating things and ourselves, havin fun with the Nizo camera and getting to know it while filming … that was day 1 of my 2 days workshop!!
It is always so interesting and full of energy to see how a group forms … only 2 days and we’re all having a community feeling like sitting in one boat … and creativity and joy multiply!


Beauty In Chocolate

Yesterday I helped my friend Khani with some filming for her miraculous Bands On Boats project in the Schokoladen (a nice venue – chocolate shop is the name, music is inside) – hanging a super 8 camera from the ceiling and filming a little around (video) … focussed on the lovely band Quixote.
They really amazed me. Awesome talented guys from London, now living in Berlin for better vibes and surviving reasons I guess. The singer has a voice that melts icebergs. I look into my magic crystal ball and see a bright future for them!


Under The Rainbow

After a very relaxed and beautiful and sunny inside outside vernissage of my film still exhibition yesterday I must say: I love this city, I love this summer, I love summer rain and shiny rainbows, I live beneath and feel somehow … protected. Hereby I swear: I will multiply, beam and share!

Here’s a little slideshow of the event >>> X


Hanging Barbies And Others

Don’t miss my exhibition, Berliners and visitors!
This coming Saturday from 1 pm!
Admire Barbies, have a sparkling wine and a coffee, talk to me and others, linger on the sidewalk – enjoy summer and pictures!!

At Screenshot, THE film digitizer shop in Berlin! (Sredzkistr. 24)