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unterwegs in Sachen Film >>> <<< on the road making films!



What a yummy word! Italian for treat. Lecker Imbiss in German!

There’s a tiny restaurant in my neighbourhood called Primo Maggio (May 1st) – I enjoyed a late Easter minimal breakfast with my brother (perfect for a medium hungry person: Colazione „Bella Ciao“ which is 1 butter-dripping croissant, 1 fantastic coffee, 1 glass of fresh orange juice for 4.50 €).

Mediterranean feeling inside and outside!

car&tulip photo www.berndbrundert.de – best photographer in town 😉


Easter Bunny at Edeka

I just found the Easter bunny laying eggs at Edeka, my favourite neighbourhood shop!
Happy sunny holiday!


To A Friend

Sterben ist Scheisse, why the fuck do have friends to die?

This is for Fred who was my supporter and my friend in my super 8 universe for sooooo many years!

Left above picture: incredible blue sky in Berlin-Neukölln today, Fred’s memorial party tonight, hot sun, straight colours, clear vision, smiling neighbours, angels flights, blackbirds tweets ….. I need one more rosé … drink on / for love ………


Rhabarbersaftschorle And Spezi And Wheat Beer

First day out smoooothe summer wind on my skin, Rhabarbersaftschorle and Spezi and wheat beer mmmmmmmmh want more!