Nürnberg, Filmhaus, Kaiser, Summerfeeling

She will retire soon, the Filmhaus boss, the glorious Christiane! Celebrating now. 1 month long: her favourite films! I am proud to have a film show on night. We have films and talks and smiles and whitewine, we have something contagious and connecting. Thank you!
(I reside in a lovely and old hotel called “Deutscher Kaiser”: luxurious and very friendly!)

1:1 Workshop

I had this experiment yesterday: a 1 on 1 workshop with an artist from the US (we’ve known each other via instagram), now in Europe, documentary film maker, who wanted to learn from me: caffenol / veggie soup developing, super 8 and double 8, tricks and recipes, how to set up a darkroom, which devices needed for developing and so much more!

It was fun, it was inspiration and knowledge … and now I think I will do it again. Offering different kinds of workshops, online and in reality, one person and more.
A regular date maybe (like every first Sunday of the month) via Zoom for little money: me answering all super 8 / eco developing questions, helping with current projects, showing how to mix a magic soup … like it?

La Gomera 3

Now what is this? Every day another La Gomera photo?
Right. My blog was off, there was a wordpress hickup, a misconnection that could not be mended before today. So now I will add one new photo every day. I was there, down South, almost 7 weeks. In the sun (too dry actually, rain desperately needed) and at the sea.

This is La Calera, the upper part of Valle Gran Rey.

Fisherman’s Photons

Another pinhole photo making. On the beach, the wintery beach, the Baltic Sea, a patient fisherman and me unobtrusively approaching, setting my coffee camera in the wet sand, opening the hole, the camera lens, 5 seconds long, just enough to capture fisherman’s photons, taking them, making a picture.
Later developed and scanned (bad scan, my scanner is ill, I just took it off my light table).