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A 24th Of A Film Second

I just can’t wait, I have to tell the world:
The English version of my website is (almost) finished! Working on the translation every day … come by and say hello!


Kodachrome Solution

I processed the almost unprocessable Kodachrome K40 super 8 film! Black&white negative.
Color processing is impossible (secret 13 baths recipe), Kodak stopped processing a long time ago and Dwaynes, the last lab in the world, stopped end last year.
So now, everybody who still has one of the legendary material in their fridge: do it yourself!
Better b&w negative than nothing!


Easy Birdhouse


Sweet Street

Life is really kind of sweet
when you find chocolate in the street!


Firefly [Lampyridae]

Some days ago I had a firefly sitting on my hand! So light I couldn’t feel its weight at all! It was glowing, pulsating like breathing, simply beautiful like summer, midnight stars, love poetry, smiling from ear to ear, glowing belly!

Photo © Jochen


Paint Me A Kaugummiautomat!

[chewing gum machine ….]

If you miss a chewing gum machine on your neighbourhood walls like they used to be there in your childhood days …. there’s always an artist around who paints your dream!!