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Orange Dog Pelle

I just scanned a bunch of old super 8 stills … (find them on my www.24stelsekunde.de) and I just have to say how I love that orange dog picture: this is Pelle the dog (†) who appears in my beetle film
(I developed the film with old expired chemicals and was very lucky to get those colors with partly solarization!!)


Broom Surfing

New athletic discipline: broom surfing 😉



Antje Øklesund is a cool venue. Antje Øklesund is a cool woman.
Berlin is a cool city that hosts cool bands. No, not cool >> heartwarming. Summerkeeping.

Tonight there was a secret concert called „Quixote back in Berlin with Zulu Pearls and Heidi Heidelberg“ – Heidi H is American with a giant voice and a hippiesk middle parting. One woman one guitar, how hard is it to be one of 6474837 singer songwriter women, to be individual? I don’t know, but her voice is thrilling and I liked her 7 songs especially the one about her lover telling her too often that he loves her … (Me: how poor in words, how great in music!) and >>> her version of Heard It Through The Grapevine is divine.

Next: nice pop guys called Zulu Pearls, summer ice cream music … and the sound (guy) of Antje is just fantastic.

Quixote is a Berlin / London based band that I heard before (they are part of Khanis Bands On Boats project) and I must say they definitely hide 3 or 4 fat smash hits in their miracle box — The Big Bad Man is the devil — and it smashed me 64748 years back when I was a tiny girl, working on a production line for Miele Waschautomaten (washing machines and dryers) in Gütersloh — 6 months heavy work and all we had was a little radio and I fought hard for BFBS because they broadcasted the finest music (the mighty John Peel for example who changed my life to good) — I’ll never forget the day when they played This Charming Man by the Smiths for the very first time, it just jumped on me like a little red demon and threw me down breathlessly … same with the Big Bad Man … good luck Quixote! Good luck Antje!

And by the way ….. wasn’t that one of the most gigantic songs ever: What Difference Does It Make?? (helped me survive my fucking youth @ countryside)


Mirror Mouse

Some graffiti become a mirrored mouse!


Dead End Dresden To Vienna

Berlin-Kreuzberg’s Dresdener Strasse has a dead end where tourists never go: quiet and a bit lost …
go there and find a new peaceful yummy Vienna café called Ganz Wien run by a real Vienna lady who stranded in Berlin 8 years ago.
It is a lovely place with great coffees and all kinds of snacks, breakfast and more.
I had a Schmankerl? Stöberl? … can’t really remember but it was just right for my mini hunger: ham tarte with pickled cucumber and little onions for only 3.50 €.