Antje Øklesund is a cool venue. Antje Øklesund is a cool woman.
Berlin is a cool city that hosts cool bands. No, not cool >> heartwarming. Summerkeeping.

Tonight there was a secret concert called „Quixote back in Berlin with Zulu Pearls and Heidi Heidelberg“ – Heidi H is American with a giant voice and a hippiesk middle parting. One woman one guitar, how hard is it to be one of 6474837 singer songwriter women, to be individual? I don’t know, but her voice is thrilling and I liked her 7 songs especially the one about her lover telling her too often that he loves her … (Me: how poor in words, how great in music!) and >>> her version of Heard It Through The Grapevine is divine.

Next: nice pop guys called Zulu Pearls, summer ice cream music … and the sound (guy) of Antje is just fantastic.

Quixote is a Berlin / London based band that I heard before (they are part of Khanis Bands On Boats project) and I must say they definitely hide 3 or 4 fat smash hits in their miracle box — The Big Bad Man is the devil — and it smashed me 64748 years back when I was a tiny girl, working on a production line for Miele Waschautomaten (washing machines and dryers) in Gütersloh — 6 months heavy work and all we had was a little radio and I fought hard for BFBS because they broadcasted the finest music (the mighty John Peel for example who changed my life to good) — I’ll never forget the day when they played This Charming Man by the Smiths for the very first time, it just jumped on me like a little red demon and threw me down breathlessly … same with the Big Bad Man … good luck Quixote! Good luck Antje!

And by the way ….. wasn’t that one of the most gigantic songs ever: What Difference Does It Make?? (helped me survive my fucking youth @ countryside)