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Little Lonely Lego

Ein kleiner Einer!


Goat Saddle

I love it! Little useless beauties!
I mean … this goatish saddle cover is just lovely and very useful here in winter rain city. The head protects the saddle. The hanging ears and the little horns and the chin beard – pure sweetness!


Wabi-Sabi In Dresden

A little reminder for all who live in or close to Dresden:I’m giving a wabisabi worksop in Dresden @ Schmalfilmtage / Small Format Film Festival Friday and Saturday January 27 and 28!

It’s all about the magic of Super 8 and colour negative processing and it’s limited to 7 persons – only 3 signed in until today …. more info here!
And here in German; here in english!


Vatos Tacos

… speak for themselves!!!

Here’s the text again …

We were told (thank you Dayna!) there‘s a secret magic hidden cantina in the heart of Kreuzberg in a street where nobody goes – Lobeckstrasse, close to the Prinzenbad, not far from tourist overcrowded Oranienstrasse.

We found the yummiest tacos in town! Hot and medium! Go perfect with Astra beer and good white wine!

In winter from Wednesday to Friday only, 6 pm to midnight in der Kantine vom Aqua Carré, Lobeckstr. 30 – 35, 2. Hof, Aufgang B, hard to find.
In spring and summer they have a taco stand in a van outside in the parking lot, same address!

www.vatos-tacos.com + www.facebook.com/vatostacosforever


Put Me In

Put me in your restaurant!



Click here for a funky New Year film 😉