Mendocino Spezial

Come to the CLUB tomorrow (Club 39, Manteuffelstr. 39 close to subway Görlitzer Bahnhof), my favourite bar in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Showing films and playing some very weird records together with Michel – we are the DJ team Superlux 3000 which is originally the name of a super 8 projector … to fill the circle and spread an analogue mood.

First Week In Willits

… in North California. I am a lucky artist, I got an artist-in-residency here up North in Mendocino County where the sky is high and blue, marihuana lingers in the air and the wild ocean is so close! Actually 33 miles and there’s a bus going there but only twice a day … not more, why, everybody has a car in oil wonderland! No, that’s not true, I see cyclists. I realize bike lanes. It’s California!

I live in a sweet village house together with two other female artists and I love our daily life: someone makes tea, someone talks to the phone organizing poetry congresses, someone is looking for walnuts to dye something, someone sits on a withered wooden chair leaning on our (our!) garden redwood tree, someone stirs magic developer made from cowboy sage (me!!) and falls in love with the huge outdoor sink every single day …

7 more weeks!