Chubby Chaparro

I’m so lucky to live in the chubbiest chaparriest coolest hottest center of the universe, just by chance, and here’s the hottest tiniest Mex ever, called Chaparro Cocina Mexicana … in Kreuzberg, burrito and quesadilla to stay or to go, with different hot sauces (1, 2, 3 chili signs declaring the power of hotness!) and some plusses like smoky chicken or veggie … take a beer from the fridge, dos equis xx or corona or victoria … just love them!!!

Travelers meeting: Dagie going to Toronto, Florian going to New York and Mexico, Khani coming from the Canaries, Nadine going to Italy … felt windy and worldy!!

Smørrebrød, Smørrebrød Røm Pøm Pøm Pøm

I saw that pattern on the ground and I had a hallucination, audio and video, of that Danish or Swedish muppet chef, waving some utensils while singing his signature song like wikipedia says „for example, „Aweenda shmure da froog’s legs.“ These hints are necessary as he frequently uses unorthodox culinary equipment (firearms, sports equipment, hand tools, etc.) to prepare his dishes.“
In German it was Smörrebröd Smörrebröd römpömpömpöm 😉

The Caffenol Miracle

I heard about caffenol some time ago … a developer soup made from coffee, vitamin c and washing soda! For black & white negative processing, film as well as paper.

Tonight was my night!
I bathed a double super 8 test stripe (Fomapan R) in a smelly brownish soup for 15 minutes (then regular fixing) and what came out?
A fully developed warm black tone quite dense negative! Hoooray!
Developer to drink, developer to go, developer to flush in the toilet, no more chemicals any more (except fix, but maaayyybeeee there’s a chance with salt, I’m following a forum discussion about that subject and I guess I must check it out …)

Here’s a lovely caffenol blog and here another one!