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unterwegs in Sachen Film >>> <<< on the road making films!


The Schlauchfilm Experiment

During one of my Wabi-Sabi Workshops some tima ago Nadine, Florian, Miriam, Andreas and me had a gigantic idea: developing a 15 m long super 8 film in a 15 m long garden hose!

So last weekend we did it!

Found the perfect space: Nadine’s backyard, bought the perfect hose: black inside so that the film won’t be exposed to light … mixed a bucketful of developer and one with fix.It wasn’t easy to thread in the film … but finally we made it and then using a funnel poured the stuff in (and a large quantity aside 😉 … and the result? A perfectly developed black&white negative film!

Photos: Khani & Dagie


Delicious Rosa Caleta

Just had the best mango tiramisu in the world ever! Ever ever!
And before that some super fish … I highly recommend the Rosa Caleta – Jamaican European Fusion Cuisine – in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Muskauer Str. 5.
A lovely place, beautiful nice staff and a funny deco lamp made from thousands of plastic Trinkbecher .. and did I mention it … yummiest fooood!


The Coca Cola Film Revolution

I’m exploring alternative environmentally friendly black&white film developing methods.
Besides coffee and red wine there’s another sweet bubbly solution: Coca Cola!
Mix 500 ml Coke, grind 5 aspirins, add 8 g vitamin c powder and 40 g washing soda, stir it well, develop your film for about 60 minutes at about 22° – it works!!!