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unterwegs in Sachen Film >>> <<< on the road making films!


Summer Takes A Break

…. and it’s raining for days ……



How can I explain „Duttmädchen“ … Berlin Kreuzberg-Neukölln Hipsters wear skinny jeans, a full beard and their hair in a bun. The latter mostly girls. Oh yes, and glasses. Hornrims. Black. All!

Bingo: I found 3 in a row!!


Catch A Ball

I caught a ball in its flight while my pinhole coffee camera took a picture!!


My Street

Negative and positive, ugly and not so ugly, pin hole camera original and photoshopped inverted corrected positive!


Flower And Potato Juice

I was on an experimental summer embracing country weekend – strolling through fields and meadows, collecting flowers and herbs, buying potatoes from farmers, mixing them to tea and juices, using them for developing TriX super 8 film material (black & white negative processing) and you know what came out? The most beautiful films you can imagine … a soft grey-brownish tone, quite grainy (it’s TriX!), very dense. I am amazed! Thrilled! To be continued!

Watch some films: KartoffelVergäpfelweikilöps


May 1

Yesterday, Oranienplatz, Berlin-Kreuzberg


Still Life Bridge

My coffee camera again: 6 minutes exposure. People fading away. Cars and bikes, too. A still group of people remains visible.