Byebye Zweite Hand

You don’t know how much you like your collegues until they are gone.

The Zweite Hand – the Second Hand – was an ad magazine (founded 30 years ago), once cool, now dead. Taken over by The Tagesspiegel some years ago, somehow saved, somehow left to die … whatever … I had a good time there and we had a yummy good bye party yesterday …
And I learned: fight for your rights. Not to party … that’s for free … but for decent termination pay. They sacked 11 people and wanted to get away with einem warmen Händedruck … nothing … no way … so we organized ourselves to gain at least, alas! a social RIP payment for people who worked there for half of their lives, come on, that’s what Gewerkschaften are for! Labor union, I mean. That’s what people struggled for 100 years ago. Ours is Verdi and I must say … thank you Jörg for fighting together with us until the end: sometimes it makes sense to not give up, to go out and inform the public, to go on strike even if you feel a little ridiculous. Do it. Know about rights and chances.
I’ll miss you (I smoothly swam over to Zitty, another Tagesspiegel daughter magazine, don’t worry about me … love my new collegues, I’m safe. Until …)