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unterwegs in Sachen Film >>> <<< on the road making films!


A Fresh Year

Slide softly into a fresh new year!!!


Jingle Balls

Some people hang glitter stuff in their conifer trees for xmas, some have long lasting apples on their apple trees!


My First Comic Book

It’s here, fresh from the printers, it’s cool, I love to touch it, soft, good, strong paper, it has 138 pages plus cover, it is German from the front and if you turn it round it’s English!
I am deeply satisfied.
What is it all about?
This book has been private for over 20 years and now I think:
it has to go out into the world!
I drew it and gifted it to my brother for his 30th birthday, and of 
course the story somehow coincides with both of us: he is Bero 
the Brave and I am the big sister, La Dague who takes care of him!
That‘s the way it is.

First edition: 40 copies. You can buy it for 20 € / 25 $ directly from me. Only 22 left. I should consider having another 100 printed 😉

Here’s a little film: XX


A Whole Lot Of Everything

… or nothing of everything … I am still reflecting on the right title for my new super 8 film. Spending some foggy days on the countryside, filming weird and beautiful and grey goats and clouds and beetroots (under cover) and and and …


I See Beauty Everywhere

… even in a rural installation!

(covered beetroots)



Reitetier … the same word from forward and backwards. Riding animal.
Found it in the forest, a piece of a giant tree, a root, welcoming you to sit on it and take a ride. It has got handles too!


Gabionen Des Grauens / Gabions From Hell

A gabion (from Italian gabbione meaning „big cage“) is a cage, cylinder or box filled with rocks.
Its hipness is already fading but these gabion fences used to be the hot thing around German front gardens!

Here is something from a deeper part of hell: A FAKE GABION! It is a photo of gabion rocks, printed large scale on plastic fabric and then woven in a sort of wire fence. I am deeply amazed!!!


Pippi Stamps

Sweden has definitely the best stamps in the world!!!