My First Comic Book

It’s here, fresh from the printers, it’s cool, I love to touch it, soft, good, strong paper, it has 138 pages plus cover, it is German from the front and if you turn it round it’s English!
I am deeply satisfied.
What is it all about?
This book has been private for over 20 years and now I think:
it has to go out into the world!
I drew it and gifted it to my brother for his 30th birthday, and of 
course the story somehow coincides with both of us: he is Bero 
the Brave and I am the big sister, La Dague who takes care of him!
That‘s the way it is.

First edition: 40 copies. You can buy it for 20 € / 25 $ directly from me. Only 22 left. I should consider having another 100 printed 😉

Here’s a little film: XX

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