The Ambassadors Of Coincidence In LA


Paolo and me we were the first two to play the game in Los Angeles!

[For those who want to know more, go to my other website, you’ll find tons of information and pictures and some films.]

It’s all about exploring your city. You can play it, too. Zigzag through your city, find paths and spots with the help of coincidence and philosophying over things, trash, objects, marks, graffiti – whatever – to get to the next spot. A street and a block or house number.

We started in the Echo Park, rolled the dice and, by narrowing down the LA street index (a sweet old book from the eighties) from pages to one page to columns to lines until we finally found our starting point: Harrington Avenue 3000!

We went there (by car of course) – a tiny street with only a few houses – and immediately stumbled upon a neat little house, embedded in roses with a striking golden statue, quite small, Buddha? A man appeared and told us that he found it in the back yard when he bought the house and it was him who painted it golden and set it up in the front. It was rather a Mary than a Buddha.

And on and on and on …. this spot led us to … Marygold Avenue! Another very short street in Harbor City. Deserted, hot, a giant beige building, a sand colored van and another one labeled „Southwind“ … three men lingering around, partly teethless … but friendly when we started to explain that we were playing a scavenger-like game. They told us about a beautiful park nearby with a lake where one good old day a crocodile was found.

And on and on and on … the whole game presented us 4 stations, we ended up in Electric Street in Silver Lake and immediately spotted a shimmering balloon tied to the electric cable above saying „hero“ …


If you want to watch and listen to the whole story, check my website in about 1 month, it’s all been recorded and filmed … the whole trip, the whole day. Lots of footage. Going to edit a little film when I’m back in Berlin!!

This mural displaying elements … wind, water, sun, earth … plus the pipe next to it led us to „electricity“.

A beautiful park with a lake in Harbor City … and no crocodiles around!

And finally … coooool Hefeweizen and a cigarette in a beergarden in Silver Lake!!!

Ambassadors Of Coincidence

It’s a game.

We played and documented it today and yesterday.
It goes like this:
A city walk game. Limit: one city, two days.
A group of 2 or 3 people.

We chose a starting point by chance (dice, telephone book) which is a street and a number. We go there, our antennas upright, find something, any item possible, any stranded goods, doodle, debris, paint, house, plant, sign, scene, mark that gives away its secret and inspires us to find the next station. We derive information from it, meaning: next street-name and number. And so on.

We tempt fate and challenge coincidence. We go with the flow, confident that the mighty spirit of coincidence will give us signs and that we, the flexible and witty artists, will be able to interpret them, capture them and find our unique personal path until the game comes to a logic end.

This game is not objective. Our personality, our view and our history colorizes the whole experiment and makes it a singular happening, an irrepeatable film. There can be beauty in banality and we’ll find it.

We film and record sounds and document the trip as a whole, the magic points as individual signs, what we see, what we get, what we think … it can lead us to surprises, to weird stories or boredom. It depends on us. And a little on the weather. Super 8 helps make a jewel out of it!

There will be a website soon.
And a film. Give me some time 🙂