Cambridge Super 8 Wabisabi Workshop 1

I’m in a hurry and in a blurry wonderful experimental mood!
This one turns out to be one of the best warmest film festivals in the world …
…. and here come some first photos of my Wabi-Sabi workshop (yesterday and today) – so intense and so fun and successful (in terms of films that we processed today: 10! Ekta 64T with Tetenal Reversal Kit E6! God! Beee-yooooou-ti-fullll!!!)

Here’s Julie performing the ultimate Russian Tank Spiral Ballet:

This is our group film hanging in Colins workshop space:

This is the Wabi-Sabi group sunken in Cambridge’s Green:

… and this is Jean, holding the magical tank direction heaven 🙂

……. to be continued ……