Spontaneous filmmaking. Me and my lover, a super 8 camera, a TriX film, very bad German winter weather, a village, no people around, just one dog called „Bine“ (Biene = Bee) … some pun about merde and la merde and lametta … a tripod, no wind, good mood, a field full of fallen winter apples that I collected and used later for developing this very film.

And I must say: when I go out filming I make the experience that almost never there’s anybody feeling offended – could be because super 8 cameras look very much like toy cameras, could be because I smile, could be because I don’t come around with an army of a crew … I don’t know … well anyway that lovely old lady just popped out of her cozy house, smiled at the scenery and popped in again. Loved her.

Here’s the film >> X