Sheepy Lickstones And A Bus That Never Comes

Oh god, that in-love-with-herself Dagie again with a similar picture like the day before you might think but I don’t mind … I love that hiking route so much – from down Paleohora to up Anidri – about 4 miles or 5 kms. It’s a paved street and it leads through rough rocks and wild goats and dry meadows, it’s curvy and beautiful. It’s one of the awesomest feelings to arrive at the town sign!!!

And I saw a guy JOGGING, can you believe that? I mean it was hot like 30 degrees Centigrade …

Down close to my favourite beach I saw a group (or a flock? A bunch?) of sheep licking stones! Because of the salt I guess … and some meters ahead: a bus that never comes 😉 . Thanks for the beauty, world!