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The Sexiness of Construction Sites

I noticed that wherever there is a construction site there is always a watcher who just stands there for a long time watching busy diggers, steamrollers or similar. Why? Does he check that they do their job neatly? Is he jealous of the mighty machines? Has he always wanted to be a digger driver deep in his heart?


Bösekatzebösekatze …

German Human Beatbox-History … I saw a documentary in the Eiszeit-Cinema about “The 5th Element of HipHop (after DJing, MCing, Breakdancing und Graffiti)“ – an amazing and very entertaining film about Berlin subculture, lips, tongues, the deep bass beat of a city and a big community: „Love, Peace and Beatbox“ by Volker Meyer- Dabisch.
I wasn’t interested in German HipHop at all before but this film showed me that there is a huge loving tolerant universe beside all those aggro dumb motherfuckers!
And I loved the scenes where DJ Mesia, a real big bearish Berlin tough & nice guy, teaches kids the basics of HipHop, Beatbox and mouth-percussion in a youth center. That made completely sense to me and touched my hippiesque youth-teacher-heart …

This “Bösekatze“ thing in the headline is a kind of mnemonic – learning beatboxing: your first bursting consonants will be like B, TZ, K the guy in the credits told us directly in the camera (and the audience practised it immediately!!) … B …sss … k … tzz …

Performing a cool & sweet spontaneous Eiszeit-Special after the film show: Bee Low, founder of the German Beatbox Battle, and ….. I’m not quite sure who the other guy is – Wetlipz of 4XSample?? Correct me if I’m wrong 🙂