Directors Identity

Directors Lounge: the cool annual festivity alongside The Berlin International Filmfest (Berlinale).
Every evening another fresh short film program. Very international. In a cool place called „Naherholung Sternchen“ which I try to translate .. and find it almost impossible … Sternchen is little star, Naherholung is local recreation, and together … does it make any sense? Not even in German! It’s got quite neat GDRish charme though!

Today’s program: a bunch of short films from around the world, funny: all dealing a whole lot with personal identity. A young Arab school girl craving for a Barbie bag. A lonesome rider on a Texan highway – pittoresque but somehow morbid photos … a French Canadian explaining 16 reasons why he hates himself – that one was quite hilarious and beautifully trashlike shot in black&white, someone trying to make his parrot talk how beautiful life is while in the background his wife packed her things and left *yaaaawn*, a young Russian/Israeli/Netherland lady on her research of her life thread: I loved the way she combined thousands of portraits of herself always keeping her eyes in the very center!
Even I had a film in that program … even I looked for my reason of existence and found an easy answer (with the help of my flying nephew and an apparently Indian guru in my dreams): bring joy 😉 … promoting myself >>> ¡Viva la combinación!

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