OK folks, I’m really pissed now, I’d have never thought that it would come to Berlin, to Kreuzberg: a TINY glass of wine! Normally you get 0,2 liters and it costs whatever … from 3,50 to 8 € which is all ok depending on the quality of wine and location … but today I had the choice between 0,1 and 0,5. I asked the young nice barman what if I am thirsty and would like to have 0,2 and he answered: then I’ll bring you 0,1 twice and you will have clean glasses each time!
Well stick your clean glasses wherever you like but 0,1 is just ridiculous! I don’t need homeopathic portions, I need a genuine old fashioned portion, I need something in my hands, I need something that I can rely on.

Plus … now it’s getting really oberspiessig (square / suburban): their glasses have EICHSTRICHE! I can’t believe it! A white mark on the glass saying this is 0,1 liter and don’t go beyond! Don’t step into the land of plenty! Don’t exaggerate! Don’t drink full pleasure!

Apothekenbar am O-Platz, hip kurz „Ora“, du hast auf immer verschissen.

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