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Katzenlotto – The Film

… is online now! Here!

49 Pommesgabeln stecken in 49 schleimigen Katzenfutterwürfeln. Welche sechs wird sich Tabi der Kater wohl als erstes aussuchen und verschlingen?

49 french fries forks stuck in 49 slimy cat food cubes. Which will be the first six Tabi the cat is going to choose and devour?


Here: Deer!

Ha: I won a Hirsch! A trophy! A deer! The best Open Air Film Festival in the world: Weiterstadt honored me for my bunch of films that I made during the last 30 years … Good! Thank you!! I will continue. Promised. <3



I’m starting a „Kottbusser Tor Pinhole Photos“ – series!
This is number 1.
I pass there every time I go from my home to my darkroom.


Prince’s Pool

The Prinzenbad in Berlin-Kreuzberg is located in the center of the city and in the evening closely before they … errr … close it feels like a little oasis especially at cloudy days. I’ve always loved it.



Me and Gesine we dive into the beautiful science of solargraphy now. The simple way: a lighttight box, a hole, a piece of photo paper, sun and time. And patience. We hang them onto roofs and light posts. We wait. The sun will leave traces. We capture time. We think about more experimental ways …