A Nazi In My Subway Station

Good morning! There he sat on a bench in my subway station, a skinny pale young man with his phone on his bony lap, playing a loud song … I passed by and heard something like „lalala national social free laalaa“ in a boyscout guitar strumming way. A Nazi tune! Shit! In my subway which is usually occupied by junkies, young dealers and homeless people. Beautiful Schönleinstrasse.

A hipster passed by, smiled and took a photo of him. Or a little film clip. I did nothing.

Should I have stabbed a knife into his pale Aryan belly to prevent another wannabe young Hitler from growing old? Should I have said something? At least I should have spit in his motionless pimpeled face.
I was not well prepared.

They are coming out of their brown shitholes, they feel accepted and tolerated in this new Germany and Europe where Nazis enter legally the Bundestag / parliament and stretch their well connected net europewide.

I should have spit in his ugly face.