White Wine Makes Me Less Ivre

There’s a new analog festival in town: Analog Résistance! In the middle of the French speaking Switzerland! In Yverdon-les-Bains!

I went there, enjoyed and gave a workshop … and the funny thing is: I rediscovered my long buried French! I was a good speaker 1000 years ago (working as an au pair girl in Southern France, in Nice, when I was 19 …) but after all these year it had disappeared.

But all that disappears comes back in this or the next orbit of the magic spiral … and writing of spirals … I brought my Russian developer tank with me (plus some cameras) and me and the 8 participants rocked the house or rather: the cave in the theater/castle everything took place!

We developed in curcuma, Ovomaltine, Absinth, coffee, beer, pineapple juice …. we had such a fruity funky spicy filmy supertime!!! With amazing results!

„White wine makes me less ivre“ I said to Sébastien, explaing him why I prefer white to red wine (ivre = drunk) … and he understood „White wine makes me less evil“ … which is by the way also true.

The festival will come again. Next time probably not with the focus on super 8 … but hélas: there’s so much analog stuff in the world to explore … stay tuned!

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