Revela’T Analog Photo Festival

Revela’T is an international photographic festival (in Vilassar de Dalt, close to Barcelona) that has become a meeting point for lovers of photography and especially for those passionate about analog photography, who are becoming more and more and come from remote places.

In an era in which digital technology dominates, Revela’T advocates for these other photographic procedures that require a more relaxed look and tempo, as well as for sharing experiences, knowledge, and establishing contact and synergies with other people, institutions and projects.

Revela’T wants to bring together dreamers, non-conformists, the intrepid, the tireless, those who are not afraid to try and explore paths different from the usual ones.“

I was there! And gave a 2 days workshop all about the beauty and magic of super 8 film making and developing. In eco stuff: coffee, vitamin c and washing soda.
Pure fun and beautiful results!

(all pictures me except the last one by Enrique Freaza Viera)