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unterwegs in Sachen Film >>> <<< on the road making films!


Friends In My Darkroom #9

This is Črt from Praha/Prag! A crazy film maker and camera collector … I asked him what his name means, the only name in the world without vowels! (pronounce it like “Chirt”) … and he said: it means nothing where he comes from – Slovenia – but in Czech where he lives now it means “Devil”. Hoooaah!! 😉


Silent Tulips

Official opening of my friends’ gigantic amazing venue called Silent Green (it used to be a crematorium) … I found a tiny island of tulips, talk, drinks and silence in the middle of a funky party.


I Love My 2 Aunts

This is a very special lovesong for my 2 favourite aunts. Enjoy it on vimeo. The secret password is pelmeni. XXX


Ach du

2019 is here …